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20 KPIs of a Successful Law Firm: How to Diagnose Why Your Law Firm Isn’t Doing as Well as You’d Like
Business owners, or I should say, successful business owners, know and track their key performance indicators (KPIs). At just a glance, successful business owners can see what’s working, what’s not working, and where to adjust.
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5 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Measuring your firm’s success | Canadian Lawyer Mag
Stephen Mabey, director of Windsor, N.S.-based Applied Strategies, which does consulting for law firms, says KPIs have become more sophisticated in degree and level. Software can simplify the process and generate the reports. Although software isn’t necessary, a spreadsheet will do the trick.

“KPIs at their best should give you a sense of a doorway you need to go through,” he says. “In today’s world, where percentages can make a big difference both in retaining lawyers and attracting laterals, you really need to be on the top of your game. So the degree of sophistication has had to increase as markets have gone flat, as competition has increased.

“I don’t know any company, if you go outside the legal profession, that doesn’t have its benchmarks and its key performance indicators and they can tell you down to 1/100th on everything. Why do we, as a legal business, think we don’t need the same type of tools?”

But, he warns, the indicators must be key, and there can’t be too many. By keeping track of just five to 10 key areas, comparing them to previous months or years and also to other firms, members of the firm can easily spot upward or downward trends, giving them the opportunity to investigate further.

To get there, Mary Juetten, author of Small Law Firm KPIs: How to Measure Your Way to Greater Profits (published by Thomson Reuters, which also publishes Canadian Lawyer) and founder of, suggests approaching it as a framework and beginning with the pain points. She uses accounts receivable as an example.

“A lot of lawyers in Canada don’t collect the money up front,” she says. “What I tell lawyers if they’re experiencing a bit of a cash crunch, the first place to look is your accounts receivable.”
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7 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Better Metrics for New Products
With so many new analytics tools available, it’s common to have a firehose of data and metrics available soon after your product launches. But the real challenge is determining which few metrics to focus on, and the sooner
the better.

By defining the right metrics early in the validation and development cycle, well before your product reaches customers, you can get better insight to guide your product decisions and your roadmap.
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8 weeks ago by lukasz
App Ratings — Center for Humane Technology
We partnered with Moment, an app that helps people track their screen time, to ask how much screen time in apps left people feeling happy, and how much time left them in regret. 

The rankings below reflect data collected from a pool of 200,000 iPhone users.
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8 weeks ago by lukasz
Make better business decisions
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9 weeks ago by IssamElbaytam

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