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The Subscription Metrics 8 Top Companies Obsess Over & Why via
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5 days ago by mandigital
This GC Thinks He Can Quantify the Long-Subjective Art of Service Provider Value | Legaltech News
James Beckett, CEO of Qualmet, told Legaltech News that the platform compares value-based on inputs from law department team members. Individual members of the legal team first conduct evaluations of a legal matter, including associated lawyers and firms, using quick forms intended to take about one minute to complete. From there, the platform assesses performance quantitatively, with results coming in six categories:
Understanding  of the client’s business;
Appropriateness of effort;
Resource management; and
Overall satisfaction.
The results can then help with quantitative comparisons between firms, with legal spend added into the equation for context. Beckett said law departments can also customize the formula with their own metrics as they see fit, though some elements of the formula will remain consistent among all deployments.
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22 days ago by JordanFurlong
Corporate Legal's Metrics Mandate: Create Your Own KPIs, or Others Will | Legaltech News
"You are being measured, whether you know it or not," explained Craig. "So why don't you put your hands on the rudders? Why not take the initiative and steer how you're going to get measured, and actually have influence over that, instead of just waiting for the business to decide how you get measured? Help educate them and be educated about the business needs, then you can control or influence how you are being measured."
Creation Station: Putting Together KPIs
Creating KPIs in a legal department pivots largely on how the department implements information governance procedures, such as properly classifying data. But implementing these procedures, Craig noted, is not a quick or automated task.
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29 days ago by JordanFurlong
No more digital bullshit please —
Comment évaluer l'efficacité d'un service au public
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4 weeks ago by gui11aume

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