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How do you set metrics? – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
I’ve often heard the misconception that metrics are the domain of Product Managers and Data Scientists, cold, hard numbers used to track the business that can’t truly measure the human experience of using a product. As a result, I’ve heard of some designers being wary of metrics as a tool, believing that “data driven” development is akin to short term thinking and mindless micro-optimizations, like changing the size and color of buttons, rather than empowering designers to envision a great product.
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11 days ago by lukasz
Hoe we bij NRC afkickten van onze verslaving aan oplagecijfers | Adformatie
Meer kranten betekent niet per definitie een gezonder bedrijf. Jarenlang waren de cijfers van het oplage-instituut (HOI) de motor achter het dagelijkse werk op de marketingafdeling van nrc. Iedereen werkte zich in het zweet om de oplagecijfers een klein beetje te laten groeien. via Pocket
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28 days ago by jburkunk
What metrics do the experts use to measure UX effectiveness? | WhatUsersDo Blog
SUS? WUS? CUS? TPI? Come see how many of these abbreviations I invented myself in this investigation into how the experts measure UX.
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28 days ago by urbansheep

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