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Partei-PR - Eine Welt aus Botschaften - Medien - Sü
Die AfD will im Netz ihr eigenes Medium sein - für die journalistische Anmutung wird man in einer neuen Abteilung Fachleute suchen.
AfD  Journalismus  PolitischeKommunikation  Rechtspopulismus 
12 days ago by amprekord
The art of conversation and why radio is far from dead | Comments from media industry experts
‘Radio is dead’. It’s a sentence I’ve heard countless times over the last two decades. But I believe the very opposite is true and will remain so for some time. The latest nationwide radio audience (RAJAR) figures out today, show 48. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  journalismus  podcast  podcasting  radio 
13 days ago by hansdorsch
#Netzwende: Indie-Startups suchen (und finden) neue Wege im Journalismus
In der breiten Öffentlichkeit besteht unser Mediensystem aus dem öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunk einerseits und den etablierten Verlagen andererseits. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  journalismus 
13 days ago by hansdorsch
#Überwachung. Das -Gesetze gefährdet (investigativen) und betrifft im Grunde alle Bürger. Nun leg…
Journalismus  BND-Gesetze  from twitter_favs
15 days ago by schmitz
Why I prefer diaries to memoirs
If you want to get a sense of what something was really like, read a diary.
Book  Politics  history  revisionism  writing  journalism  journalismus 
19 days ago by asterisk2a
Kit and advice for shooting and editing with a smartphone – MEDIATYPE, journalisme en mutation
For the last two years, mobile journalism has entered common editorial practice, from the largest to the smallest newsrooms. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  journalismus  mojo  technik 
20 days ago by hansdorsch
Kit and advice for shooting and editing with a smartphone | Media news
This article originally appeared on, and has been republished here, with permission. For the last two years, mobile journalism has entered common editorial practice, from the largest to the smallest newsrooms. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  journalismus  technik  tr 
20 days ago by hansdorsch
(5679) ZAPP vom 31.01.2018: Eigene Wahrheit: "Project Veritas", Privatfernsehmacher für den ÖR - YouTube
fingiert fictitious / planted fake news by alt-right right-wing white nationalists supremacists // Project Veritas // polarised // ziel system weiter destabilisieren. demokratie. civic society. jeder gegen jeden - psychopolitik psychopolitics // neoliberalism capitalism // wir gegen die us against them // Milo Jordan Peterson Ben Shapiro etc etc etc
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fake  news  Project  Veritas  Journalism  journalismus  facts  trust  trustagent  Facebook  filter  bubble  Polarisation  investigative  civic  Society  Gesellschaft  democracy  Demokratie  Sociology  Psychology  Authoritarianism  Zivilgesellschaft  liberalism  Conservative  Conservatism 
23 days ago by asterisk2a
Die Kluft zwischen Journalisten und Publikum | Europäisches Journalismus-Observatorium (EJO) |
Für viele Journalisten ist es offensichtlich, dass sie einen gesellschaftlichen Nutzen erbringen. Schließlich liefern sie täglich Informationen, Service und oft auch einen Schuss Unterhaltung. Doch fürs Publikum ist diese Leistung nicht immer so eindeutig. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  journalismus  schreiben 
23 days ago by hansdorsch
The importance of 'cultural absorption' when writing a book fit for the small screen | Media news
Investigative journalist and historian Misha Glenny is no stranger to writing books that leave a lasting impression. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  copywriting  journalismus 
4 weeks ago by hansdorsch
BBC Ideas aims to inform and entertain audiences with short factual videos | Media news
The BBC has developed an experimental service aimed at people who want to spend their time online in a more productive way, either learning about new concepts and ideas, or getting a new perspective on topics they are already familiar with. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  journalismus  podcast  youtube 
5 weeks ago by hansdorsch
Siri’s news bulletin feature goes live in the UK and Australia
Brits can now ask their iThings to give them a brief update on what's happening in the world with the command: "Hey Siri, give me the news." Siri doesn't actually read the news, though, and instead will automatically play the latest podcast from a trusted source of your choice. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  journalismus  siri  sprachassistenten  tr 
5 weeks ago by hansdorsch
A history of audio storytelling: 10 seminal moments and timeless formats | Media news
This post originally appeared on Medium and is re-published here with permission. Last week in my audio class at the University of Oregon, we walked through some key moments in the history of audio storytelling. Here’s what we listened to: via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  journalismus  podcast  podcasting 
5 weeks ago by hansdorsch
Why Quartz is churning out short-run newsletters for big events - Digiday
Quartz knows that the best place to reach its audience is their inboxes, so it’s acting accordingly in 2018. The inbox is “the new homepage for executives,” said Katie Weber, vp of client partnerships for Quartz. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  copywriting  journalismus  marketing  social  media 
5 weeks ago by hansdorsch

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