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Blame Fox, not Facebook, for fake news - The Washington Post
Two media landscapes: far right and center + left. Fox news is more responsible for the right's disassociation from reality than social media.
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Fox News staffers express outrage over Sean Hannity's rally appearance - CNN
Hannity is really not a journalist. But he's still an anchor at Fox News.
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The antidote to civilisational collapse - Open Future
I’ve always liked “War and Peace” where the two central figures are Napoleon and a Russian general called Kutuzov. Napoleon thinks you can control the whole world and make it your own. But Kutuzov, who everyone derides in the novel and who is in charge of defending Moscow, says “No, you can’t control the world because it’s chaos—but there are moments within the chaos that you can use for your own purpose”. That’s what politics is about. It’s exciting and dynamic. It’s got a narrative to it and, like good journalism, it responds to what’s happening.
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