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The inside story of how TMZ quietly became America’s most potent pro-Trump media outlet
After the release of the infamous Access Hollywood video where Trump was caught bragging about sexual assault, Trump struggled to generate positive coverage. One notable exception: TMZ.
trump  2016  journalism 
17 hours ago by sampenrose
YouTube -- RussiaToday: ‘It’s ratings’: CNN producer filmed saying Russia narrative is ‘mostly bullsh*t’
'A producer for CNN has apparently been filmed saying the network’s Russia coverage is more about ratings than offering solid facts. Investigative journalism group ‘Project Veritas’ has released a hidden-camera video conversation. RT has not yet been able to verify the clip’s authenticity.'
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18 hours ago by adamcrowe
Can this be the next "congratulations on your all-male panel"?
WhereAreTheWomen  Journalism  from twitter_favs
18 hours ago by newsmary
The Intercept -- CNN Journalists Resign: Latest Example of Media Recklessness on the Russia Threat by Glenn Greenwald
'What is most notable about these episodes is that they all go in the same direction: hyping and exaggerating the threat posed by the Kremlin. All media outlets will make mistakes; that is to be expected. But when all of the “mistakes” are devoted to the same rhetorical theme, and when they all end up advancing the same narrative goal, it seems clear that they are not the byproduct of mere garden-variety journalistic mistakes. -- There are great benefits to be reaped by publishing alarmist claims about the Russian Threat and Trump’s connection to it. Stories that depict the Kremlin and Putin as villains and grave menaces are the ones that go most viral, produce the most traffic, generate the most professional benefits such as TV offers, along with online praise and commercial profit for those who disseminate them. That’s why blatantly inane anti-Trump conspiracists and Russia conspiracies now command such a large audience: because there is a voracious appetite among anti-Trump internet and cable news viewers for stories, no matter how false, that they want to believe are true (and, conversely, expressing any skepticism about such stories results in widespread accusations that one is a Kremlin sympathizer or outright agent).'
journalism  minitrue  twominuteshate 
18 hours ago by adamcrowe
TMZ and Trump
Gossip site makes a deal with the devil
trump  politics  journalism  tmz  gossip 
22 hours ago by nelson
We help news organizations listen to the public as a story develops from pitch through publication.
Our unique model is called public-powered journalism.
journalism  usergenerated 
yesterday by wimknows
RT : MT : This is very good. The decline of local affects us all
journalism  from twitter
yesterday by Markbraggins
Grenfell reflects the accountability vacuum left by crumbling local press | Emily Bell | Media | The Guardian
Covering local housing meetings is an unglamorous beat for any journalist; hardly anyone reads your work, almost nobody cares what happens in the meetings, and the pay is extremely low. Yet it is hard to argue there are more civically important jobs for journalism than reporting the daily machinations of local power.

Local reporting serves another function which is seldom discussed. Local journalism should be a pipeline which takes young people from very different backgrounds into the profession of reporting; it ought to provide an access point for people to get to know and understand the importance of accountability coverage by participating in it.

The shallow wisdom of digital editors is often that when nobody reads your story, you are doing it wrong. But the stories worth covering that nobody reads are the fabric of the public record.
journalism  clickbait  media  community 
yesterday by jomc
A New Understanding: What Makes People Trust and Rely on News
April 2016


trust  news  journalism 
yesterday by macloo
Here’s an opportunity to make progress on misinformation: track the indicators.
So I’ll propose that we’ll need to work together to effectively identify the best indicators to track, because the problem of misinformation is different across communities, countries, and cultures.
misinformation  trust  fakenews  parp  psi  truthiness  posttruth  measurement  metrics  indicators  politics  journalism  society 
yesterday by timcowlishaw

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