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Helix Ultimate - Documentation | JoomShaper
Anleitung für INstallation und Konfiguration des HELIX Templates
5 weeks ago by mandoisland
Helix3 - Best Template Framework for Joomla - JoomShaper
Template Details
Helix3 is a user-friendly, modern, highly customizable and easy to integrate solution to build your custom Joomla 3+ website. For users installing Helix3 for the first time on a site, we have nice surprise all advanced template settings are already here. Helix3 isn’t just a template or a plugin, it’s a complete Joomla 3+ template framework. Anything you need to quickly get started on a new Joomla! project is already there, so you can get straight to the meaty bits. Perfect to use as-is or as a blank, genesis, starter theme for development. It is designed so that you can work fast, using current technologies and work-flows, without being bogged down by the excesses of other popular frameworks.
joomla  templates 
5 weeks ago by mandoisland
Responsive Joomla Calendar and Event Manager
joomla  extension  calendar  event  booking 
11 weeks ago by iorbita
Pinboard: howto page
makes it somewhat difficult to add bookmarklets. Follow these instructions to get a 'Save to Pinboard' bookmarklet working on your iPad.
ukraine  joomla 
11 weeks ago by tolino
Extensions for Joomla 3 and WordPress
joomla  extension  plugin  module 
november 2018 by iorbita

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