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Learn Jobs-to-be-Done Using a Real Example: Eva’s Camera Interview | Jobs-to-be-Done
I conducted the interview with my partner at The Re-Wired Group, Bob Moesta, at the Switch Workshop in Detroit on January 24th, 2017.
In the interview you’ll hear Eva’s story of a Narcos-inspired trip to Medellín, Columbia, how she came to purchase her new Sony A6500, and figured out how to make progress with regards to how she takes photos and shoots video.
Our workshop attendees paid $1,500 and traveled to Detroit from as far away as Ireland to hear this interview and learn the Jobs-to-be-Done technique. We usually don’t share workshop content, but this interview was so good that we couldn’t resist.
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4 weeks ago by 1luke2
How SNHU Succeeded by Understanding What Students Really Want—and Changing Everything | Getting Smart
SNHU redid its advertisements for its online programs to focus on the training students needed to advance in their career, but also the emotional and social dimensions around the pride one feels in realizing a goal. When asked in an advertisement why they earned their degree from SNHU Online, one father said, “I did it for you, bud,” and held back tears as his young son said, “Congratulations, Daddy!” These students enrolled because their families were counting on them.

SNHU realized it was not enough just to enroll students, but it also had to support them to and through graduation. SNHU Online assigns students a personal adviser, for example, who stays in constant contact with students and picks up on red flags such as missed assignments even before students do in many cases.

This undertaking also changed how the university measured success. For example, SNHU would have formerly measured how it responded to student inquiries in terms of how many packages were mailed out. It would then wait for the interested students to call. But now SNHU Online measures response time in minutes. The goal is to call back in under 10 minutes.
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4 weeks ago by 1luke2
Персонажи + Jobs-to-Be-Done — опыт применения объединенного подхода (Usethics)
Команда Usethics рассказывает о связке методов персонажей и Jobs to Be Done на примере условного продукта.
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RT : Tonight! Join my session on jobs maps at the JTBD Meet up in Frankfurt. Slots still available!…
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Getting ready to present at the meetup in Frankfurt next Monday. I'll be focusing on job maps. Can you join u…
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