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CC2531 USB Adapter Antenna mod |
How to correctly add an SMA Antenna to your ZigBee Sniffer / Gateway Adapter for increased range
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2 days ago by johnvey
symisc/sod: An Embedded Computer Vision & Machine Learning Library (CPU Optimized & IoT Capable)
SOD is an embedded, modern cross-platform computer vision and machine learning software library that expose a set of APIs for deep-learning, advanced media analysis & processing including real-time, multi-class object detection and model training on embedded systems with limited computational resource and IoT devices.

SOD was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate the use of machine perception in open source as well commercial products.
embedded  computer-vision  machinelearning  ai  programming  iot 
2 days ago by ssorc
balena - What is balena
The core balena platform, or what we call balenaCloud, encompasses device, server, and client-side software, all designed to get your code securely deployed to a fleet of devices. The broad strokes are easy to grasp: once your device is set up with our host OS (balenaOS), you can push code to the balena build servers, where it will be packaged into containers and delivered to your fleet.
All your devices and their running services can then be managed, monitored, and updated through the web dashboard, or through our API via the CLI and SDK.
3 days ago by whip_lash

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