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Free IoT air freshener STL model @ Cults3D
There are lot of Air Fresheners in the market: from the old manual sprays, to timer triggered ones. The later ones, although automatic, are quite dumb: they will keep spraying even if you're not even close to feel the smell, wasting those not so inexpensive fragrance refills! n this project I designed an IoT Air Freshener, using some 3D printing, a NodeMCU, IFTTT and Adafruit.IO. The gadget might be programmed to be triggered when you are home, at a given time, when you push a button, or even to notify if you've got mail!
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IoT Air Freshener
Instructable article for IoT Air Freshener (with NodeMCU, Arduino, IFTTT and in 15 steps. In this project I designed an IoT Air Freshener, using some 3D printing, a NodeMCU, IFTTT and Adafruit.IO. You can use this tutorial to practice several skills: 3d printing skills, soldering, electronics, coding, etc. It might not be very usefull, but it will be fun!
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RT : Really looking forward THE event of Amsterdam! With eg
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LightStep : process monitoring for IOT infrastructres
APM (automated process monitoring) reinvented to diagnose anything across all components of today’s software applications. Monitor what matters most and diagnose anomalies within seconds, across web, mobile, monoliths, and microservices.
lightstep  monitoring  saas  iot  internetofthings  microservices  management 
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Eclipse Duttile |
a new cross-domain methodology that aims to provide adequate tools for the governance of the IoT projects
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The Athena Learning Center of College Station Daily
The Athena Learning Center of College Station Daily is out! Stories via
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yesterday by AthenaBCS
Amazon Key Flaw Could Let Rogue Deliverymen Disable Your Camera - Slashdot
Security researchers claim to have discovered a flaw in Amazon's Key Service, which if exploited, could let a driver re-enter your house after dropping off a delivery. From a report: When Amazon launched its Amazon Key service last month, it also offered a remedy for anyone who might be creeped out ...
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RT : Artificial intelligence is going to completely change your life.

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Implications of The Internet of Things Connectivity Binge
Good report from the Pew Research Center: "As billions more everyday objects are connected in the Internet of Things, they are sending and receiving data that enhances local, national and global systems as well as individuals’ lives. But such connectedness also creates exploitable vulnerabilities. As automobiles, medical devices, smart TVs, manufacturing equipment and other tools and infrastructure are networked, is it likely that attacks, hacks or ransomware concerns in the next decade will cause significant numbers of people to decide to disconnect, or will the trend toward greater connectivity of objects and people continue unabated?"
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Developing privacy-preserving identity systems and safe distributed computation, enabling an Internet of Trusted Data.

The Trust::Data Consortium addresses the growing tension between societal data proliferation and data security by developing specifications, software, tools and documentation that help organizations adopt a holistic approach to cyber protection.  Trust::Data is building new models for digital identity, data provenance, universal access, and secure privacy-preserving transactions to harness the future potential of global data sharing.

Sandy Pentland
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