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e2e post-quantum MQTT for m2m IoT? Normally hype-tastic, but it's got real security pros. Are MQTT topics encrypted too?
MQTT  e2e  encryption  security  PQE  M2M  post-quantum  IoT 
34 minutes ago by asteroza
Internet of Shit
Bad things about internet of things.
9 hours ago by cd
Johnny-Five is the JavaScript Robotics & IoT Platform
javascript  iot  robotics 
2 days ago by matijap29
Opinion | From Westworld to Best World for the Internet of Things - The New York Times
Jonathan Zittrain wrote an excellent piece on *IoT, risks of*. He breaks down overall risk assessment into two large categories: potential harm to individuals, and potential collective harm. The latter one is the more interesting:
> "Second, hacking even a tiny subset of the 10 billion and counting networked things can produce threats larger than any one consumer. Individually these devices may be too small to care about; together they become too big to fail. Security systems in a city could be made to sound an alarm simultaneously. Light bulbs can be organized into bot armies, directed to harm any other internet-connected target. And worse than a single Jeep executing an unexpected sharp left turn is a whole fleet of them doing so."
newsletter  thingsconNL  iot  security 
2 days ago by thewavingcat

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