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The Merits of Bottoms Up Investing - Venture Desktop
Seth Klarman, Benchmark, and seeing the present clearly
Worry about the now, not the future.
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yesterday by traggett
Mine Safety Disclosures
Collection of buyside investor letters; solid reading list and 13f screening tool

A quirky requirement that came out of Dodd-Frank is that ALL publicly traded companies are required to make a disclosure about mine safety, regardless of whether or not they even have mines. So if you look at Visa's 10-K, or Google's, or Chipotle's, they all have a line item for mine safety disclosures.
2 days ago by samhuleatt
How to Find a Growth Stock
Identifying businesses built for growth is easy once you know where to look.
2 days ago by adamvig
Why Intuit Investors Should Be Terrified | The Motley Fool
Intuit offers a free version of TurboTax Online, called Absolute Zero, that allows those with simple tax returns to file for free.

Credit Karma acquired AFJC Corporation, an online tax preparation company, earlier this year. This purchase will allow the company to roll out its Credit Karma Tax product in January, which offers completely free federal and state filing.Credit Karma currently has around 60 million users of its free credit report service, and there's no doubt that those users will be hearing about Credit Karma Tax once tax season rolls around. This product has the potential to completely upend the tax filing industry.

Intuit's TurboTax product certainly has some stickiness. Customers who have used the product in the past can import prior year results, saving time and frustration. And those who use other Intuit products in addition to TurboTax, like QuickBooks, may be less likely to switch.

But make no mistake: If Credit Karma's tax service works well, Intuit's very profitable business model is in serious trouble.
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2 days ago by samhuleatt
Do You Need to Join the Endowment Club? - Fiduciary Wealth Partners
“Only extraordinary circumstances justify deviation from a simple strategy…”
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2 days ago by ramitsethi
What the E*Trade Deal Tells You About the New Investing Game - WSJ
Morgan Stanley, E*Trade and Schwab all own banks to which they route much of their customers’ cash. E*Trade pays its customers 0.01% to 0.25% on their uninvested cash; Morgan Stanley, 0.03% to 0.2%; Schwab, 0.06% to 0.3%.

Brokerages have been pocketing 2% and up on that money (and you can do almost as well, if you pull the cash from your brokerage account and park it in a certificate of deposit or savings account at the right online bank).

Schwab, which has hoovered up $220 billion in bank deposits, earned 61% of its total net revenues in 2019 from the interest it captured on those balanc
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2 days ago by ramitsethi
Why is B.C. home to more mining exploration companies than anywhere else on earth? | The Narwhal
"“First, there is a long history of mining in Canada, and particularly in British Columbia,” she says. “There is the relative ease of becoming a publicly-traded company.”

“And then there are the tax incentives.”"

"Deneault writes that the TSX gives juniors “more leeway than they have anywhere else to cultivate ambiguity” — because they are allowed to disclose both mine reserves and resources, the latter being a crude estimate of everything the deposit may contain. (Deneault did not respond to interview requests by press time.)"
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3 days ago by pacpost

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