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Open Social is an online community platform for volunteer communities, ideation communities, and extranets. The software is based on Drupal's social module, written in PHP.

HQ in Amsterdam / Holland.

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6 hours ago by eocas
The not so smelly hamburger nudges people into search in mobile website design
Brian Lamb on how the hamburger menu is failing to support navigation on mobile devices
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14 days ago by thompsonsimon
Communicating Change - The role of illustration and visual storytelling to support change
Communicating Change - The role of illustration and visual storytelling to support change
21 February 2019

Culture isn't written down, but drawings and illustrations have a powerful way to depict current cultural beliefs and rules, which can then be challenged. Visual storytelling in the form of comics and cartoons is a good way of communicating abstract, complex and emotionally difficult topics. The playfulness and unpolished style also invite participation - this is in stark contrast to slick corporate PowerPoint presentations and inspiring videos that put your audience in passive receiver mode.

Learn how visual storytelling can be used in change initiatives in the Communicating Change workshop on Thursday 14 March. You will also get to discover your inner corporate comic artist and hopefully get some new ideas on how to communicate change.

This session is a new partnership venture between the Open University Change Community and the Change Management Institute. Together we present Virpi Oinonen, Chief Illustration Officer at Business Illustrator, and Andi Roberts, coach, visual consultant, facilitator and OU Tutor.
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26 days ago by ndf
Adding Value to SharePoint Intranets
Decent article about using sp for intranet. new features, etc.
Intranet  Modern  SharePoint 
4 weeks ago by dremillard
Hurray! It’s our official birthday
Hurray! It’s our official birthday
31 January 2019

Hurray! 23rd April is our official birthday, the day we were granted our Royal Charter.

We are busy planning for Charter Day, celebrated on Campus in Milton Keynes and we hope as many colleagues as possible can join in the festivities on this very special day for the OU. Please do save the date for Charter Day - Tuesday 23 April, which is our first day back after the Easter Bank Holiday, and [register your interest][r] in attending.

More details will follow on other events in the Nations and regions so watch this space.


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6 weeks ago by ndf
8 key intranet metrics you should be tracking - Digital Workplace Group
Our blog this week comes from ThoughtFarmer’s Senior Content Writer, Kelly Batke. ThoughtFarmer is an Innovation Spotlight sponsor in our forthcoming Digital Workplace 24 – a unique digital workplace online event, broadcasting from around the world over 24 hours.
6 weeks ago by fwhamm
Pubcookie consists of a standalone login server and modules for common web server platforms like Apache and Microsoft IIS. Together, these components can turn existing authentication services (like Kerberos, LDAP, or NIS) into a solution for SSO (single sign-on) authentication to websites throughout an institution.

Hence it is an approach to identifying users as they browse to an institution’s many websites that require authentication and it limits the exposure of end-user passwords by ensuring they’re only sent to a trusted login service.

The University of Washington licenses the source code of Pubcookie under the Apache License (Version 2.0).

Startupinthecloud  Software_Engineering  Security  opensource  Intranet  Management  sysAdmin  Safety 
7 weeks ago by eocas
SharePoint, ThoughtFarmer, or Both? What’s best for you?
It’s a question we hear often, particularly when people are investigating the role of SharePoint, and trying to determine whether to ditch it, or continue supporting it. Many of our customers come to us with existing SharePoint implementations.
intranet  sharepoint 
8 weeks ago by fwhamm
North Bay Weather -
North Bay and area weather on
intranet  weather 
12 weeks ago by neeper
Intranet Design Examples | Claromentis
Do you need some intranet software inspiration? Take a look at our favourite intranet designs and discover what our software can do.
12 weeks ago by neeper

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