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Bending the Internet: Iran Brings Its Intranet Online
Iran's National Information Network (NIN) is essentially a domestic, Iran-only intranet - a project build around the Iranian government's desire to better control information access in the country, according to a new analysis from Starfor.

The article reads: "The network functions as a domestic intranet that hosts Iranian websites and services...To access it, users and website owners must sign up with the government, an arrangement that empowers Iranian officials to coerce internet service providers to comply with their demands. And because the NIN is linked to the global internet only at certain access points, Iranian authorities can sever the connection as they see fit without disturbing the domestic network. That means Iran's government can cut access to the global internet for prolonged periods, as it did during the Green Movement protests, without taking the entire country offline. With the NIN up and running, the Iranian government is now working on rolling out more homegrown apps like [Telegram replacement] Soroush to replace foreign platforms and services, though users so far have been hesitant to make the switch."

This article is the second in an ongoing five-part series called "Bending the Internet: How Governments Control the Flow of Information Online." Check more out here.
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Google Inbox und das neue Gmail im Vergleich - Nachrichten, Tipps & Anleitungen für Agile, Entwicklung, Atlassian-Software (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, ...) und Google Cloud
Wahrscheinlich kennen Sie Gmail. Doch kennen Sie auch Googles Inbox by Gmail? Inbox ist der moderne Mail-Dienst von Google, der Gmail eigentlich längst sein müsste. Wenn Sie Gmail nutzen, dann sollten sie sich Inbox unbedingt ansehen.
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TODAY: Global Accessibility Awareness Day
17 May 2018

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) - get involved for the chance to win an Amazon voucher!

Lunchtime GAAD Meetup
Come along to the Library Atrium on Thursday 17 May from 12.30 - 2.00 for an informal accessibility meetup on the theme of ‘accessible content creation'. Join staff at 12:30 in the Library presentation room for videos and discussion around the study needs of students with disabilities.

Staff from different areas of the OU will be on hand to share what they've been working on. There will also be guided practical sessions where you can try out assistive technologies, or complete an activity.

Bring your lunch and we'll provide coffee, tea, biscuits and cake.

Desk-based activities
Do you want to put yourself in the shoes of a student with disabilities? Why not try the short-desk based activities listed on the OU GAAD 2018 blog. These activities cover the types of adjustments our students withdisabilities have to make to study online.

People who take part in the activities will have the chance to win an Amazon voucher. 

As our Acting Vice Chancellor Mary Kellett states:

‘There are over 23, 000 students with disabilities at the OU. If we take a bit of time to find how we can contribute to making our content more accessible, I'm convinced we can make a real difference to students' learning journeys. I hope everyone will get involved with Global Accessibility Awareness Day this year and will take a little time to learn how to make a big difference.'
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