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How to fix US politics? Maybe start by seeing it as an ‘industrial complex.’ -, Sep 2017
The political-industrial complex. Fascinating piece. Excerpts:

"The system is designed to deliver what it’s delivering. The challenge is that it’s not designed to deliver for citizens, for the public interest. Instead, our system has been designed and optimized over time to benefit the interests of our two political parties and all their associated industry allies."

"If you have two dominant competitors, the last thing they want to do is compete for the same customers. They’d rather divide up the customers, because then they can differentiate themselves. Their respective loyalists will then be very dedicated to support them and give money and vote."
CSMonitor  US  politics  interview 
15 hours ago by pierredv
Interview: Apple’s Craig Federighi answers some burning questions about Face ID | TechCrunch
The security and privacy of Face ID
One of the primary questions about Face ID that has come from many quarters is how Apple is going to handle law enforcement requests for facial data.
The simple answer, which is identical to the answer for Touch ID, by the way, is that Apple does not even have a way to give it to law enforcement. Apple never takes possession of the data, anonymized or otherwise. When you train the data it gets immediately stored in the Secure Enclave as a mathematical model that cannot be reverse-engineered back into a “model of a face.” Any re-training also happens there. It’s on your device, in your SE, period.
This answers questions about whether Apple is taking stewardship of the data of underage users in the U.S. as well. It isn’t. It stays on device.
I also asked Federighi whether Apple had considered allowing the very security-conscious to enable a mode that forced both Face ID and a passcode to be used to unlock a device. A sort of two-factor identification that combined both numeric and biometric factors into one system.
Apple  FaceID  iPhone  Federighi  interview 
15 hours ago by sentinelle
Interview Rian Rietveld & Andrea Fercia – YoastCon speakers
Interview  WordPress  from twitter
19 hours ago by sodermanmarketing
Zythom: L'intimité mise à nu
justice  police  lang:fr  interview  raid 
21 hours ago by whilelm
Solidarity Forever
Since the election, Maciej Cegłowski has emerged as one of the leaders of anti-Trump tech organizing. A Polish-American developer and entrepreneur, Cegłowski started working in tech in the late 1990s, during the first dot-com boom. In 2009, he created Pinboard, an ad-free bookmarking site that he once described as the “Bay Area’s slowest-growing unicorn.”

Maciej is also the main force behind Tech Solidarity, a grassroots group that has hosted meetings with hundreds of tech workers across the country to mobilize their technical and financial resources against the Administration’s agenda. We talked to Maciej about how tech workers can organize not just to defeat Trump, but to transform their industry as a whole.

This interview took place in early 2017.
technology  interview  people 
23 hours ago by kmt
How Air-Conditioning Invented the Modern World - The Atlantic
A new book by the economist Tim Harford on history’s greatest breakthroughs explains why barbed wire was a revolution, paper money was an accident, and HVACs were a productivity booster.
history  Technology  Innovation  atlantic  interview 
yesterday by jorgebarba
Craig Federighi Talks FaceID on the TalkShow — MacSparky
This week Apple’s software head, Craig Federighi, joined the TalkShow podcast to explain and answer questions about FaceID. It’s a great Sunday afternoon listen.
I think my favorite part was the disclosure that if you pick up your iPhone X and swipe from the bottom to the home screen, the iPhone will start the animation while it is simultaneously verifying your face and unlocking the device. There shouldn't be any delay, which is exactly the behavior I would expect.
Before this, I was concerned that you would have to unlock before swiping into your home screen, which would drive me nuts every time I turn the phone on.
faceID  federighi  talk_show  interview  podcast 
yesterday by rgl7194
GOP senators are rushing to pass Graham-Cassidy. We asked 9 to explain what it does. - Vox
It is astounding how much they're willing to ignore about who this will hurt in order to score a "win".
obamacare  vox  interview  gop  via:aaronlmgoodwin  trumpcare  senate 
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