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Dark Sky
Une startup spécialisée dans les prévisions météo
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9 minutes ago by romainheuillard
Who Is Afraid of More Spams and Scams? — Krebs on Security
Security researchers who rely on data included in Web site domain name records to combat spammers and scammers will likely lose access to that information for at least six months starting at the end of May 2018, under a new proposal that seeks to bring the system in line with new European privacy laws. The result, some experts warn, will likely mean more spams and scams landing in your inbox.
On May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. The law, enacted by the European Parliament, requires companies to get affirmative consent for any personal information they collect on people within the European Union. Organizations that violate the GDPR could face fines of up to four percent of global annual revenues.
In response, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — the nonprofit entity that manages the global domain name system — has proposed redacting key bits of personal data from WHOIS, the system for querying databases that store the registered users of domain names and blocks of Internet address ranges (IP addresses).
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23 minutes ago by rgl7194
HTTP Injector Apps Are Becoming a Popular Method to Obtain Free Internet Access
"HTTP injector" apps traded in public Telegram channels are becoming a popular method of gaining free Internet access on mobile devices.
Such apps work by modifying HTTP headers on network requests with malicious code that tricks "captive portals" into giving the user access to the Internet.
Captive portals are the temporary web pages that some mobile telcos or private WiFi networks show users when trying to access the Internet, sometimes asking for a password or urging the user to recharge his SIM card's credit.
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2 hours ago by rgl7194
RT : More than 800 million people in do not have access to the & a great % of this population reside i…
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16 hours ago by BeckyFaith
Los arquitectos de Internet se revelan contra el copyright de Bruselas: "Es una amenaza para las libertades"
"Si hubiera estado vigente cuando se desarrollaron los protocolos principales de Internet, es poco probable que hoy existiera tal y como lo conocemos."
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18 hours ago by carlesbellver

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