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An IndieWeb reader: My new home on the internet • Aaron Parecki
I have a new home on the internet. I don’t visit the Twitter home timeline or the Facebook news feed anymore. I don’t open the Instagram app except when I post a photo. I still have accounts there — I just don’t visit those sites anymore. Instead, I have my own new space on the internet where everything I’m interested in is consolidated, and I can read and reply to things from there. But before I go too far into my new online home — an IndieWeb reader — some background.
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12 minutes ago by basus
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
Every day, internet users create trillions of bytes of information, an inconceivable mass of ones and zeros, that are then stored in the cloud computing farms run by the world’s biggest companies. via Pocket
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4 hours ago by evansthompson
Tuto (gratuits)
Tutoriels surtout en FR, et portant sur des thématiques TIC. Certains sont gratuits, d'autres payants.
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5 hours ago by kmo
"... un logiciel de collaboration à la rédaction de contenus..." Outils payants.
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6 hours ago by kmo
Uma nova conversa sobre as fake news do WhatsApp - 18/10/2018 - Roberto Dias - Folha
Jornalismo da Folha defende censura.
"O ponto principal continua sendo evitado: o WhatsApp claramente não pode mais ser tratado como um aplicativo de conversas sempre privadas. É preciso poder rastrear as mensagens. O anonimato tem de acabar."
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21 hours ago by kaarlows
On its 30th anniversary, IRC evokes memories of the internet's early days
I used IRC in the early 1990s, when there were all kinds of fun things to do. There was a server with a bot that played Boggle. I was the know-it-all music snob who got kicked out of a chat channel someone set up at Woodstock ’94. I created keyboard macros that spewed out ASCII art. I skipped Mike Tyson’s pay-per-view boxing match in 2006 to watch someone describe it on IRC.

<jon12345> lewis connects again
<jon12345> arg
<jon12345> on the ropes
<CaZtRo> tyson is DOWN
<DaNNe_> no!
<DaNNe_> why ..
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yesterday by terry

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