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Why I Quit Twitter
A very simple and direct list
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16 hours ago by nelson
The Opte Project
"This project was originally created to generate a picture (or map) of the Internet. Since the Internet is basically a vast constellation of networks that somehow interconnect to provide the relatively seamless communication of data, it seemed logical one could draw lines from one point to another. The visualization is a collection of programs that collectively output an image of every relationship of every network on the Internet."
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yesterday by kaxing
Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? A: Because Keynote Speakers Make Bad Life Decisions and Are Poor Role Models | USENIX
Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible?
A: Because Keynote Speakers Make Bad Life Decisions and Are Poor Role Models
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yesterday by euler
Are Targeted Ads Stalking You? Here’s How to Make Them Stop - The New York Times
8/15/18 - ... Here are a few simple steps you can take if you are being pestered by an ad and want that to end:
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yesterday by mcbakewl

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