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Buy #ThereIsNoCloud stickers, magnets and clothing - There is no Cloud - Chris Watterston
There is no Cloud. The Original. The Unique. My store includes products I've created in my spare time - which let's be honest, I have very little of.
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1 hour ago by egwillim
The classic parody of late 90s tech culture
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1 hour ago by nelson
Dropbox traffic infrastructure: Edge network | Dropbox Tech Blog
By combining unicast and anycast announces along with GeoDNS mapping, one can get all the benefits of unicast along with an ability to quickly drain PoPs in case of an outage.

One can enable this hybrid GSLB by announcing both PoP’s unicast subnet (e.g. /24) and one of its supernets (e.g. /19) from all of the PoPs (including itself).
networks  distributedcomputing  dropbox  anycast  bgp  internet  ovum 
6 hours ago by yorksranter
The Internet’s keepers? “Some call us hoarders—I like to say we’re archivists” | Ars Technica
Though perhaps the most simple and effective tool of all comes from the Wayback Machine itself—the site allows anyone to manually send a link to the Internet Archive for archiving right from its homepage. “If I’m walking my cat in the garden and I see a story in Google News, you can send it to a printer. But today you can also send it to the Internet Archive,” Graham says. He estimated up to one million captures per week can come from that.
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13 hours ago by allaboutgeorge

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