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How can I escape Google?
You can't.

Information Security Stack Exchange | | may 2018
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yesterday by tometaxu
MisinfoCon is a global movement focused on building solutions to online trust, verification, fact checking, and reader experience in the interest of addressing misinformation in all of its forms. It started as a large gathering at MIT in February 2017.
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3 days ago by tswaterman
What is CCNA?
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certification from Cisco, the world’s most famous company that manufactures and sells networking equipment. This certification helps you to become familiar with a wide range of topics, including:

• OSI and TCP/IP model
• Ethernet
• Switches
• Routers
• Network utilities (ping, tracert, arp)
• IP addressing
• Subnetting
• Routing protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF)
• ACLs

This website will try to cover all of these topics.
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3 days ago by gdw
How I Became A Minor Celebrity In China (After My Stolen Phone Ended Up There)
I was sitting on my couch in the living room looking at my photo stream, you know, looking for something to Instagram. That's when I noticed a bunch of pictures I hadn't taken. Like, a lot of them. They were mostly of this man taking selfies with an orange tree. To be honest, it was pretty funny but also fucking terrifying because I didn't take the pictures.
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3 days ago by DirkSonguer
When the internet was founded, it was about freedom. What happened?
With censorship on the rise, online harassment and violence increasing, and breaches of user privacy increasingly in the headlines, the Internet's "fundamental character is in jeopardy," writes Mozilla Chairwoman Mitchell Baker. As the Internet continues to shape and alter human society, how can we get back to the net's founding principles?

Baker has some ideas, including holding tech giants to account and educating government officials: "The internet empowers all aspects of human nature, and that includes the unattractive ones like harassment, theft, and mob mentality...But the power humans now wield can also be used to change society for the better. We can collectively exert our influence to encourage companies to recognize the impact of their products on individuals and societies, and to embed the values we really care about in their products and operations...People need to reclaim the power the web gave us all, and leverage it to demand a more equitable balance between commercial profit and public benefit...Consumer demand is a critical driver of this change. After all, tech companies need consumers to exist and will be responsive if consumers demand change...To supplement consumer demand, we need to educate elected officials and policymakers about all things tech...If we reach a tipping point where massive regulatory change is going to happen, it is critical that policies are made by politicians who truly understand how the internet works—and what they could break by accident. The origins of the internet promised open innovation, mass empowerment, and the enrichment of individual people’s lives. Society must now rekindle those bedrock values."
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3 days ago by dmcdev
Supreme Court clears way for sales taxes on internet merchants • The New York Times
Adam Liptak:
<p>Internet retailers can be required to collect sales taxes in states where they have no physical presence, the <a href="">Supreme Court ruled on Thursday</a>.

Brick-and-mortar businesses have long complained that they are disadvantaged by having to charge sales taxes while many of their online competitors do not. States have said that they are missing out on tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue under a 1992 Supreme Court ruling that helped spur the rise of internet shopping.

On Thursday, the court overruled that ruling, Quill Corporation v. North Dakota, which had said that the Constitution bars states from requiring businesses to collect sales taxes unless they have a substantial connection to the state.

Shares in Amazon were down just 1% in morning trading after the ruling, at $1,731.59. But other e-commerce companies suffered far tougher blows: Shares in Etsy, the marketplace for artisanal crafts, fell 4.5%, to $42.21, while those in Wayfair, a popular home goods seller, were down 3.2%, at $112.42.

Writing for the majority in the 5-to-4 ruling, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said the Quill decision had distorted the nation’s economy and had caused states to lose annual tax revenues between $8bn and $33bn.

“Quill puts both local businesses and many interstate businesses with physical presence at a competitive disadvantage relative to remote sellers,” he wrote. “Remote sellers can avoid the regulatory burdens of tax collection and can offer de facto lower prices caused by the widespread failure of consumers to pay the tax on their own.”</p>

This has long looked anomalous: if you buy things on the internet, why not pay sales tax? European countries levy VAT on online sales, including software, wherever the "purchase" is made. The tax benefit for some states could be substantial - though <a href="">South Dakota has an annual budget of about $4bn</a>, and reckons this will bring in $50m. A side point: South Dakota doesn't have income tax; instead it applies sales and "use" taxes. A touch <a href="">regressive</a> there, people.
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
Supreme Court rules that states can force online shoppers to pay sales tax
States have broad authority to force online retailers to collect potentially billions of dollars worth of sales taxes, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, siding with South Dakota in its high-profile fight with e-commerce companies.

The justices, in a 5-4 ruling against Wayfair, and Newegg, overturned a 1992 Supreme Court precedent that had barred states from requiring businesses with no "physical presence" in that state, like out-of-state online retailers, to collect sales taxes.
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3 days ago by bwiese
Let's Encrypt est-il en train de passer de sauveur à single point of failure (SPOF) ?
Let's Encrypt continue de gagner en puissance et serait &agrave; l'origine de la moiti&eacute; des certificats g&eacute;rant les connexions chiffr&eacute;es des sites que nous visitons chaque jour. Une &eacute;volution bienvenue et fulgurante, qui soul&egrave;ve n&eacute;anmoins la question de la d&eacute;pendance du web &agrave; cette autorit&eacute;.
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3 days ago by pankkake
'I felt exposed online': how to disappear from the internet | World news | The Guardian
Worried about what’s out there about you? You’re not alone. But is it even possible to become a digital ghost?
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3 days ago by soobrosa
"Bad news... We decided to disable all functionality for video-download forever due to the recent takedown of the bigger site, which was based in Germany (so are we). Thank you so much for all of your help spreading the site for the last 3 years!"
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3 days ago by jimmykduong
My Data Request: Request your personal data from 100+ companies.
Request your personal data from 100+ companies.
Hundreds of companies store & process information about you. In many cases, you're entitled to this data, as well as information on how it's being used & shared. We read these companies' privacy policies to figure out how you can get this data about you.
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3 days ago by abeckstrom

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