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The Histomap
Four thousand years of world history in a map.
1 hour ago by brento
Track occurrence and frequency of NFL scores through history
interesting  history  sports  NFL  data-visualization  football 
1 hour ago by rockbandit
Was Philosopher Paul Feyerabend Really Science's "Worst Enemy"?
Paul Feyerabend attacked science not because he actually believed it was no more valid than astrology or religion. Quite the contrary.
interesting  philosophy  science 
1 hour ago by shawkinaw
Which emoji scissors close
Исследование по тому какие emoji ножниц предназначены для резки чего-то
emoji  scissors  research  interesting  fun 
3 hours ago by gregoryvit
After Culinary and Literary Acclaim, She’s Moving to the Woods - The New York Times
“I know we’re safer here than when we’re in the city, but I am scared of bears and I’m scared of old white men sometimes,” she said. “This can be quite isolating.”
people  women  chefs  UP  interesting  inspiring  foraging 
yesterday by emily
Site Implementation
more sites should be explicit like this.
yesterday by sixty4k

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