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WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1
This document provides readers with an understanding of how to use WAI-ARIA 1.1 [WAI-ARIA] to create accessible rich internet applications.
It describes considerations that might not be evident to most authors from the WAI-ARIA specification alone and recommends approaches to make widgets, navigation, and behaviors accessible using WAI-ARIA roles, states, and properties.
This document is directed primarily to Web application developers, but the guidance is also useful for...
a11y  reference  html  css  javascript  interactive  design 
yesterday by skoolbus39
Gamasutra: Brandon Franklin's Blog - Diegetic Mechanics - Getting More from Your Game World
Diegetic is a term used in media that describes things that exist for both the audience and the characters of a piece of media. An example in film is when you hear music that’s playing from a source in the scene where the character hears it and the audience hearing it is incidental to the music being in the scene with the character. In games this term is used almost exclusively for UI. For example when there is an ammo counter on a gun rather than just a number floating in the corner of the scene to indicate your current ammo.
VR  gameMechanics  videogames  games  interactive 
2 days ago by basemaly
ZWEIPRO Designagentur Düsseldorf / Werbeagentur für Corporate Design
Design für Menschen und Technik

Kreativität und Qualität erfordert Potential. Daher bauen wir auf Talent und gute Atmosphäre.

Für Unternehmen und Marken bringen wir im Bereich der Unternehmenskommunikation unser Know-How aus internen und externen Experten zusammen. In einem kleinen Team entwickeln wir seit 2006 Lösungen für zahlreiche Kunden aus sämtlichen Bereichen.

Als Kreativagentur gilt das Verständnis Ihrer speziellen Thematik als fester Bestandteil unserer Arbeit. Daraus entstehen tragfähige Konzepte für Unternehmen und Marken. Mit einem interdisziplinären Netzwerk holen wir uns genau dann weitere Spezialisten hinzu, wenn Sie sie brauchen. Gemeinsam stehen wir mit Engagement, Enthusiasmus und dem Drang bahnbrechende Ergebnisse zu realisieren für das Erreichen Ihrer Ziele, sowohl inhaltlich, kreativ als auch technisch überzeugend. Von Beginn an stehen wir als Werbeagentur unseren Kunden als direkter Ansprechpartner zur Seite. Auch wenn – oder gerade dann, wenn manche Wege neu sind.
animation  interactive  design  outstanding  best-of  webdesign  graphic  communication  duesseldorf 
2 days ago by msmr
Project Python
Project Python is a free interactive book that will teach you to code in Python, using graphics, animations, and games. You’ll also learn ways to solve classical computer science problems, principles of software design, and how to analyze algorithm performance. No prior experience required; you’ll write code to draw a smiley face by the end of the first chapter.
python  interactive  learning 
3 days ago by khit
The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX
In this article I want to collect all the main principles & rules in one place, so that other designers who want to start animating interfaces don’t have to search for additional information.
animation  design  ux  best-practices  animations  reference  css  guide  interactive 
3 days ago by bechster
120+ continually updated, interactive, and test-driven coding challenges, with Anki flashcards.

Challenges focus on algorithms and data structures found in coding interviews.

Each challenge has one or more reference solutions that are:

Fully functional
Unit tested
Challenges will soon provide on-demand incremental hints to help you arrive at the optimal solution.

Notebooks also detail:

Test cases
Big-O time and space complexities
algorithms  interactive 
4 days ago by slavko
RT : The artwork “Orwell 3000” about a future of Fèlix Vinyals will be exhibited on the…
dystopic  interactive  artistic  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by oriolrius

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