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13 Facebook tactics to grow your audience
As mentioned above, friend shares have become increasingly important since the change of the algorithm. Jon’s advice on optimising for friend shares is to focus on the share plugins, the buttons on your site that readers click on to share to Facebook.

“If most shares are coming from friend shares, this is what your content should be focusing on,” he said.

Following his ‘measure, test, learn’ guidance, he suggested trialling whether share buttons are most effective at the top of articles, at the bottom of articles or if the site should adopt large buttons that are fixed and always in view (Buzzfeed uses this approach).

He also suggested testing the share quote plugin, an underused Facebook feature that allows readers to share a quote.
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may 2018 by paulbradshaw
RT : More than half of ´s launch partners on appear to have abandoned the format, new…
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february 2018 by AramZS
Facebook’s busy week: What link ownership, Instant Article subscriptions, and 6 months of its Journalism Project add up to » Nieman Journalism Lab
Link ownership requires a page to verify that it is connected to the domain of the link before it can tweak the wording, for A/B testing, updates to previews as stories evolved, and more. Media publishers will be the first to try the link ownership feature.
The Instant Articles analytics tool will enable users to compare the engagement of their own mobile articles to the engagement of Facebook’s Instant Articles.
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july 2017 by paulbradshaw
How to Beat Google's Mobile Page Speed Benchmarks
"It might seem easier initially to use a mobile-friendly alternative like AMP or Facebook Instant Articles. But that would be a mistake. Here’s why."
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may 2017 by nhoizey

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