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Worldwide Properties on Instagram: “Glass walls for ever ✨✨✨ #Cynergy #wynwood Join @cesardelaflor and preview this jaw dropper 1 bedroom 965 SQFT artist loft in the sky 👌🏼…”
Glass walls for ever ✨✨✨ #Cynergy #wynwood Join @cesardelaflor and preview this jaw dropper 1 bedroom 965 SQFT artist loft in the sky 👌🏼 2/2 #justlisted
1 hour ago by worldwideproperties
Worldwide Properties on Instagram: “There is simply nothing quite like this view 😎🏖🤩 #justlisted 3/3 2.122 SQ. FT. For lease $15,675k more info @rolandmiami 786.253.3949…”
There is simply nothing quite like this view 😎🏖🤩 #justlisted 3/3 2.122 SQ. FT. For lease $15,675k more info @rolandmiami 786.253.3949 #continuum #resortlife
5 hours ago by worldwideproperties
Missed the bus again. Found a nice spot to wait for the next one though
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Related Realty on Instagram: “@landmarkwestloop providing our #mondaymotivation • A cup of coffee in a sun-drenched kitchen overlooking the city? Suddenly Monday's don't…”
@landmarkwestloop providing our #mondaymotivation • A cup of coffee in a sun-drenched kitchen overlooking the city? Suddenly Monday's don't seem so bad #mondaymotivation
22 hours ago by Relatedrealtychicago
Top 5 Things That Grew My IG To 600k
1. Be consistent AS HELL.

I’ve made a post pretty much every single day since 2014. If you do ONE thing, post to IG daily. Your content will get better the more you do it. Just like your squat form.

2. Be “other” focused.

As much as my account grew because what I was personally doing was interesting, it was ALWAYS focused on how what I was doing could benefit someone else.

I taught taught taught.

I became a teacher.

An educator.

A listening ear.

A massive, massive value add to the lives of my audience.

3. Connect and collaborate with other accounts.

Whether it was other influencers [similar size to me] or brands - cross pollination of audiences is one of the #1 ways to grow on Instagram.

I put myself out there and collabed with a LOT of people when I was getting started out.

When it comes to connecting with others - join free facebook groups, join paid programs, message people directly - and find a way that you can bring value to their audience! You could even do an Instagram live together [there’s an option to do a joint live!]

With brands - unless you have 5-10K+ - most brands won’t be doing much for you yet [think of this as a business partnership or transaction - it has to be equal for both them and you!], can still represent their brand, tag them in your posts, and they may share your page because of that!

4. Connect SUPER HARD with the humans who engage with you.

Until I had about 70k followers, I messaged back EVERY SINGLE HUMAN on my page. Every one. I still control my own social media messaging, comments, and DMs - and I do my best to get back to as many as I can.

Repeat after me: I am not too good to message everyone back.

Block out time to do it - connection and trust building is an INCREDIBLY good use of your time as an entrepreneur. It is EVERYTHING when it comes to sales and business.

5. Be on VIDEO. OFTEN.

Video is everything. Don’t you trust people more who talk to you on video, than the ones who post pictures but never speak?

Unless you’re the best looking human ever - that’s NOT going to work.

I try to get on IG story at least 3-4x per week, and i’ve also made almost 500 YouTube videos. Y’all, trust me at this point.

You need to put yourself on some kind of video - Insta stories is the easiest place to start doing that.

And NO - these things we’re not magical algorithmic tricks and hacks.

I didn’t pay for any shout outs or followers. Ever.

I didn’t trick people into liking me.

I didn’t pretend to be anyone except for myself.
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yesterday by lwhlihu
Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram | News | The Guardian
Although there has been intense activity on Oyefeso’s public social media pages since September, for some of this time the south Londoner was in jail, after ploughing his car into a friend to whom he owed money, a claim he disputes. In the course of his trial last autumn for dangerous driving and possession of a weapon, the judge remarked: “[you] portrayed yourself as a very successful trader within the financial market. Clearly this is not the case.” His own lawyer told the court that Oyefeso “makes a number of claims about his wealth but I have seen no evidence of this … clearly if he had this money he could have written a cheque to the victim.” He was released last month after, he claims, a successful appeal.
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