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Fraction Hand Built
Los Angeles based design and build company.
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yesterday by davesantos
Australian Woodwork on Instagram: “With good Sassafras becoming harder to get, the best use of a block of timber is to use the darker wood for the pepper mill and the lighter…”
With good Sassafras becoming harder to get, the best use of a block of timber is to use the darker wood for the pepper mill and the lighter for the salt - makes it easy to grab the right one too #saltandpepper #grinders #sassafras #australianmade
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2 days ago by AustralianWoodwork
Miami Beach Real Estate on Instagram: “Thank you to everyone who came out to tour our listings at Mosaic yesterday! ☀️🏙🏖 It was a perfect day for a Miami Beach open house, now…”
Thank you to everyone who came out to tour our listings at Mosaic yesterday! ☀️🏙🏖 It was a perfect day for a Miami Beach open house, now let’s make some neighbors at Mosaic! If you were unable to attend but interested in Mosaic, just let us know.
2 days ago by JonulaMiamiBeachRealEstate
Instagram has a massive harassment problem • The Atlantic
Taylor Lorenz on the problems at the only other social network with more than a billion users:
<p>When Instagram introduces new features, the moderation-team members receive no warning, Andy [who works as a moderator; that's not his real name] said. Consequently, they are left scrambling to understand how they work and what constitutes harassment on each format. “When the Questions feature rolled out, same way as every other new feature, we had no idea,” he said. “We didn’t know which part is the question, which is the answer, who says what? That makes such a big difference on whether you’re going to delete or ignore the post. The mods are just totally not kept up to date on how people use features.”

Alex, the current Instagram employee who asked to be referred to by a pseudonym, said the company prioritizes growth above all else, often at costs to user experience. “The focus is still on getting people to spend more time, getting more users, getting more revenue. That doesn’t change much internally,” Alex said. “There’s been a lot of effort to shape the narrative, but the reality is that it doesn’t drive business impact.”

At Instagram and Facebook, Alex said, “features can make whatever progress ... but can’t hurt the other metrics. A feature might decrease harassment 10 percent, but if it decreases users by 1 percent, that’s not a trade-off that will fly. Internally right now, no one is willing to make that trade-off.”

Allie, a former employee at Instagram, agreed. “Instagram has terrible tools. I think people haven’t really focused on it much because so many harassment campaigns are just more visible on other platforms,” she said. Throughout her time there, she said, “many of the efforts to reduce harassment were oriented toward PR, but very few engineering and community resources were put toward actually decreasing harassment.”</p>
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2 days ago by charlesarthur
Instagram Has a Massive Harassment Problem - The Atlantic
He’s not alone. Despite a long-standing and well-crafted reputation for being the nicest place on the internet, to many of its users—a large number of whom are very young—Instagram doesn’t feel very kind at all. To some, it’s getting worse. In interviews, 22 users described painful, sustained, sometimes terrifying abuse on the platform—abuse they say Instagram has repeatedly failed to stem.
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2 days ago by dancall

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