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Julian Cole on LinkedIn: What's the difference between a strategy and an insight? Insight | 37 comments
What's the difference between a strategy and an insight? Insight + RTB = Strategy RTB - Reason To Believe (your brand's competitive edge against the... 33 comments on LinkedIn via Pocket Added at: February 22, 2020 at 02:10AM
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6 days ago by scottpierce
The Smart, the Stupid, and the Catastrophically Scary: An Interview with an Anonymous Data Scientist
We’re constantly inundated with stories about how data science, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing everything. But what do these terms even mean? And are they likely to have anywhere near the impact that the media hype would lead us to believe? via Pocket
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7 days ago by jburkunk
Aperture: Senior QA (2004-2005) – Tech Reflect
Behind the Scenes on Apple’s Aperture Team -

20-year Apple veteran Christopher Hynes, on the origins of Aperture. Just an amazing and rare perspective on how things work — or last worked, past tense — inside Apple. The whole thing is just a delight to read, but I’ll share a few nuggets:

I want to inject more levity into this interlude. Randy was always hilarious when he went on a rant. One of my favourites was when he ranted about flowcharts. He despised them. He went so far as to saying that anyone that makes a flowchart should be fired. We all thought it was funny!

The other rant was when we brought in some guy to write the red-eye filter. Since everyone was so busy, they just let him loose. It worked reasonably well when finished. But Randy discovered C++ code, despite the entire project being in Objective-C. Again, he went on a massive rant about how stupid that was, and Apple should fire anyone that writes C++ code. I somewhat agree.


One of my favourite stories involves an unnamed engineer that joined the team as one of the 130+ borrowed engineers. He was arrogant and was very vocal that every engineer on the original team sucked. At that point, I was running the bug review meetings. He’d stand in the back. When a bug came on screen, his typical response was ‘That code is shit, it needs to be rewritten’.

One day, a bug he wrote came up on the screen. Everyone in the room was scratching their heads about his poorly written bug. It was vague, rambling, and incoherent. So I said ‘this bug is shit, it needs to be rewritten’. Everyone in the room laughed but him. He seemed to redden.

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29 days ago by rockbandit
The new science of talent: From roles to returns
"Getting the right people into the right roles is more vital than ever. Here’s how to deliver returns on talent faster—and help more women rise to the C-suite at the same time."
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6 weeks ago by jonerp
Guide to campaign planning - GCS - Government Communication Service
Use the OASIS Campaign Guide to help deliver world class government communications.

The guide is designed to help all government communications professionals regardless of discipline, department or grade, deliver their campaign. It links to resources to help you understand your audiences better. It outlines the five steps you need to create a campaign using OASIS:
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7 weeks ago by inspiral
How to Increase Self-Confidence + Diligence: Nourish a Passionate Hobby << Better Me / Thee
How to Increase Self-Confidence + Diligence: Nourish a Passionate Hobby
December 12, 2019 at 12:05PM
My passionate hobby, Bird photography, presents a never ending classroom. This Bar-Headed Goose wears bars as glorious badges. And the diligence required to nail the desired shot nourishes self-confidence. Tip: all bird pics, except the featured image = courtesy of You can do a lot with freebie copyright-friendly pics, folks! Massaging Self-Discipline The self-discipline…
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11 weeks ago by writesquire
(Video) Banishing Self-Doubt: Your Past as Refiner, Not Definer << Better Me / Thee
(Video) Banishing Self-Doubt: Your Past as Refiner, Not Definer
December 10, 2019 at 07:59AM
For those committed to self-management, reviewing the past instills an actionable realization: time to create your own miracle.
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11 weeks ago by writesquire
Nature’s Admonitions, via the Canada Goose (Local Lake’s Gift (North America)) << Better Me / Thee
Nature’s Admonitions, via the Canada Goose (Local Lake’s Gift (North America))
November 26, 2019 at 01:00PM
We need no plane to enjoy the exotic — this one, as close as a nearby lake. Like most of Nature, he provides a silent yet efficient sermon.
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november 2019 by writesquire

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