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Stop doing user interviews. Start having conversations.
There’s something I’ve realised lately, that’s making my user interviews go smoother and getting deeper, more nuanced insights. I want to share it with you: Take a step back, for a moment. via Pocket
pocket  interview  design  sprint  research  insights  talk  people 
23 days ago by jburkunk
Chocolate Bloom: When Good Chocolate Goes Bad
Did you know that chocolate can bloom too? Unfortunately, chocolate bloom is not a good thing.
chocolate  insights  when  goes  bad 
26 days ago by Adventure_Web
The Benefits of Adding Chocolate to Desserts
We all know that chocolate makes everything better, especially dessert.
chocolate  desserts  insights 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Slice Intelligence
Market research, meet Silicon Valley. Slice Intelligence turns big data into actionable insights, giving brands and retailers unprecedented visibility to the online shopper. Deploy the largest e-commerce panel to win the market and disrupt the disruptors.
consumer  insights  data  ml  USA 
5 weeks ago by shalmaneser
PlaceIQ – Location Intelligence, Your Way
PlaceIQ is a leading data and technology company that helps businesses leverage location-based insights to connect with and understand audiences.
location  data  consumer  insights  ml  USA 
5 weeks ago by shalmaneser
What’s the Deal with White Chocolate?
White chocolate is pretty much the underdog of dessert. Most people either love it or hate it.
Chocolate  Insights  White  Wockenfuss 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Appreciation Process - Problem Solving Training from
So What? situational analysis technique to draw all possible implications from a fact
thinking  workshops  insight  insights 
5 weeks ago by graemewood – How to mine newsfeed data and extract interactive insights in Python
In this tutorial we'll dive in Topic Mining. We'll analyze a dataset of newsfeed extracted from more than 60 sources. We'll show how to process it, analyze it and extract visual clusters from it. We'll be using great python tools for interactive visualization, topic mining and text analytics. All the code is available to you to run and test. No bullshit. How to mine #newsfeed data, extract interactive insights in #Python #DataScience #MachineLearning @ahmed_besbes_
python  insights  tutorial  tutorials  apis 
5 weeks ago by morganwatch

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