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Inside Amazon’s surveillance-powered, no-checkout convenience store | TechCrunch
Like so many ways companies are applying tech today, this seems to me an immense amount of ingenuity and resources being used to “solve” something that few people care about and fewer still consider a problem. As a technical achievement it’s remarkable, but then again, so is a robotic dog.

The store works — that much I can say for it. Where Amazon will take it from here I couldn’t say, nor would anyone respond meaningfully to my questions along these lines. Amazon Go will be open to the public starting this week, but whether anyone will find it to be anything more than a novelty is yet to be seen.
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R&D Employment: Innovation and Growth - Chumura
Studies show a positive relationship between innovation and growth. Companies with a higher degree of R&D orientation[1] grow faster than other firms. Further, [2] also experience faster economic growth.
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Unconventional Wisdom | Stanford Social Innovation Review
The foundation asks four key questions: Is the problem pressing? Is there a critical mass of interest and support from the right stakeholders? Is there the potential for systemslevel change, enabling impact at scale? And does the issue fit with Rockefeller’s goals and capacities to make a difference?
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RT : How companies strangle — and how you can get it right: via
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RT : weight saving device
by 2000
(it is an empty box of plastic) via Inst…
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Are Innovative Companies More Profitable?
Does a commitment to corporate innovation actually pay off? If so, how could you prove it?

We recently researched this question across five years of data from 154 companies. Because these companies all used the same ideation management software, we were able to seek correlations between their commitment to innovation and their public financial results, such as growth and profit. (The data about individual participants at each company and about the companies themselves remains private; this study analyzed only public financial information and anonymized company metadata.)

The companies in this study all used a platform that enables employees to share ideas in response to challenges created by management, or comment or vote on ideas shared by others. As we demonstrated in our previous research, the key variable that predicts successful innovation across these companies is ideation rate: the number of winning ideas generated per 1,000 active users. In this context, winning ideas means employee-generated ideas that were finally selected by management for active development and implementation.

We examined the relationship between ideation rate and several publicly reported financial metrics (based on generally accepted accounting principles [GAAP]) for the 28 public companies in our data se
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Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology: The Summary
This is the summary of “Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology”. The full version and slightly revised version will be released the end of January. Feedback, questions, and new ideas are welcomed.
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Inside Amazon Go, a Store of the Future - The New York Times
At Amazon Go, checking out feels like — there’s no other way to put it — shoplifting. It is only a few minutes after walking out of the store, when Amazon sends an electronic receipt for purchases, that the feeling goes away.
AmazonGo  Amazon  bricksandmortarretail  retail  innovation  personalaccount  review  NYTimes  2018 
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Protobot: randomly generated design challenges
Protobot generates random product and service ideas.
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