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Why Your Company Gets Innovation Wrong (& The Meaning Of Lego’s Layoffs).
There are two basic reasons why companies struggle to disrupt their own business model. These two reasons are that your company will have to i) admit that it is wrong and ii) companies do not have the internal expertise to answer the unknown questions that will define the future of the business/industry.
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The other side of innovation - Long View on Education
good stuff: "the cultural and material conditions that allow innovation to happen are very important for schools, but innovation itself might not be"
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Foldable Galaxy X Could Arrive Soon to Fight iPhone X
The South Korea National Radio Research Agency now lists a Samsung device with the codename SM-G888N0, according to BGR. That's the same codename Samsung is using for its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy X. The listing was published Sept. 21.
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How Apple Built An iPhone Camera That Makes Everyone A Professional Photographer
This year's leap feels particularly meaningful. A number of early reviews of the iPhone 8 obsess over the camera — TechCrunch, for example, chose to review the phone exclusively as a camera. And there's a decent argument to be made that the enhancements to the camera systems in the 8 Plus and the X are some of the biggest upgrades in the new line.
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yesterday by jorgebarba
How Computers Do Genocide
SHIBBOLETH MACHINES: Simulations of our machines show initial levels of apparently random behavior giving way, around generation 300, to high rates of cooperation that coincide with near-complete domination by a single machine that drives others to extinction. This enforced cooperation collapses around generation 450. From then on, the system alternates between these two extremes. Green and yellow bands correspond to eras of high and low cooperation, respectively.
Francis Fukuyama might have been thinking along these lines when he penned his end-of-history thesis in 1992. Though Fukuyama’s argument was rooted in 19th-century German philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, we might rewrite it this way: A sufficiently complex simulation of human life would terminate in a rational, liberal-democratic, and capitalist order standing against a scattered and dispersing set of enemies.
Prisoner's Dilemma Cellular Automata
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RT : Here’s the league of extraordinary panelists for our tweetchat on driving . Join at 11a…
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