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C# 8 Features
In this article, you will find some of the new C# 8 features described with pros and cons.
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2 hours ago by gilberto5757
Materials science is helping to transform China into a high-tech economy
- technique-wise very similar to the west. Back over 20 years ago we weren’t using brute force in the labs I worked in but computer-assisted formulations
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4 hours ago by renaissancechambara
Why “Leapfrogging” in Frontier Markets Isn’t Working | Center For Global Development
There are two big questions about modern innovation: Why does it tend to confine itself to only a narrow “vanguard” of the economy in every part of the world? And why does it not provide as big a boost to productivity as expected, especially since the dotcom bust?
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13 hours ago by stevesong
Peak California – Byrne Hobart – Medium
California is hard to beat. There are richer places with worse weather, there are (a few) nicer climates with worse economies, but it’s really hard to find any place on planet earth that’s nicer to…
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yesterday by futuretester
Alastair Clegg on LinkedIn: "In design, we talk a lot about the incremental innovation of something we're producing. E.g. a better screen design, a better user journey and so on.But, what about designing for step-changes? BIG changes. Great piece here on
In design, we talk a lot about the incremental innovation of something we're producing. E.g. a better screen design, a better user journey and so on. But, what about designing for step-changes? BIG changes. Great piece here on thinking about innovation for large orgs. #innovation #strategy
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yesterday by herewardshaw
WSGR Lite? The Birth Of A New Tech-Led Business Model? – Artificial Lawyer
esterday, legal services business Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) announced it was creating a new legal tech unit, SixFifty. Interesting in itself, but is this potentially a signal of a new business model developing across the legal market? Artificial Lawyer investigates.

The developer unit’s first product is SixFifty Privacy, a tool that businesses can use to assess and plan their compliance with California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – which is a local version of the EU’s GDPR.

This is basically an automated Q&A interface that guides a business through checklists and queries to find out what it needs to do in relation to CCPA. After that, the potential client can decide it has met its obligations, or decide it needs more help.
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yesterday by JordanFurlong
Divergent Perspectives on Law Firm Innovation | Legaltech News
Such a culture is often not the norm in law firms, however. Innovation is change; an event that most times is initiated by the whip rather than the carrot. To be direct, the legal market, despite the pressures it has suffered as of late, is and has been for many years a protected market. There may be a wolf trotting toward the doorstep, but it is relatively toothless – at least at the moment. A quick look at the P3 numbers of the Am Law 200 and the perpetually rising bill rates finds a very profitable industry, which, in and of itself can create significant inertia. Along with driving the process of innovation, the pressures of the market – “natural selection” – will break that inertia and invoke cultural change. But that is a slow process. The liberalization of the US legal market would greatly speed it up, but we shouldn’t hold our collective breath.

So, where do we start to make a cultural shift? This brings us to my second lesson: while cash will always be King – i.e., it’s tough to beat the leverage that compensation asserts on behavioral changes – communication comes in a close second, particularly where the process of shifting a culture toward innovation is concerned. In an interview I did with Chip Bergh for Forbes – the turn-around CEO for a (at the time) struggling Levi Strauss & Co. – he articulated a specific communication strategy that was one of the more important tools that he used to help evolve the culture of one of the oldest and most successful brands in the world. If it worked for them, it can work for your firm, too. So, your communication strategy should be taken most seriously and not just left to flourish or wilt as a product of chance. What messages are important? How are they communicated? Who communicates them? How often? How are you measuring their impact? Etc.

Third, and perhaps the most obvious, we can see that the more complex and financially successful (and potentially more evolved) firms think about, set their cultures around and invest in innovation in particular ways. If I am a firm leader that wants to institute cultural and practical change toward more aggressive innovation (or even just a partner or associate that wants the same), I would take this to heart. While the above information articulates the market’s positions at a higher altitude, it can provide a template to begin building your own firm’s plan.
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yesterday by JordanFurlong
Husch Blackwell Conducts Lawyer Challenge to Develop Innovative Client Services | Legaltech News
Husch Blackwell awarded a startup adviser tool the winner of its first firmwide legal innovation challenge aimed at sparking creative solutions for clients’ challenges. Husch Blackwell’s chief growth officer Dean Boeschen said the competition is another example of how the firm has made a commitment to innovation and is fostering an environment of creative approaches.

“Clients want innovation,” Boeschen said. “One of the things you have to do is make that innovative culture [at the firm] where there’s a free flow of ideas and no fear of failing.”
To be sure, the innovation challenge is one way the firm is encouraging creative approaches to clients’ needs. Indeed, Boeschen noted the firm measures both a lawyer’s innovation and billable hours when assessing bonuses.

“We look at things like firm commitment, client service, how involved they are on our client service teams and other client development and industry structures,” Boeschen said. “And one of the things we look at is innovation. … We are looking at that as behaviors we want to encourage beyond the billable hour. From a client
yesterday by JordanFurlong
Innovation Part 1: What it Is and What it Isn't | Rainmaking Oasis, LLC
With so much buzz about the need for innovation in the legal profession, it can be overwhelming and also very misleading. Many misconstrue that innovation in law firms is all about technology.  It isn’t.  Some of the most fundamental innovation that is occurring has to do with how work is done, why, by whom and for whom. Innovation focuses on people, process and platform. Technology will be an essential enabler of the transformation taking place in the profession, but it is not in and of itself innovation in the delivery of legal services.
yesterday by JordanFurlong
Big news for local in - ⁦⁩ launching an challenge for local news soo…
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Seattle's technology community remembers Vikram Jandhyala | Puget Sound Business Journal
As the University of Washington’s vice president for innovation strategy, Vikram Jandhyala was a catalyst in forming relationships between the school and Seattle’s business and technology community. Shwetak Patel, professor of computer science and engineering and of electrical and computer engineering at the UW, is quoted.
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