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Demand Gen Report – Podcast: The Future Of Influencer Marketing Is Influencer Relations
In a recent podcast interview with Demand Gen Report, Brian Solis discusses what he termed, “Influence 2.0”, and much more.
altimeter  group  demand  gen  report  influence  2.0  influencer  relationships  influencers  podcast  interview  brian  solis 
7 days ago by briansolis
ThoughtFlame: Inspiration as a Service
ThoughtFlame delivers inspirational quotes from your Twitter feed. Hand-curated and with custom artwork. Sign up for a free trial today!
mediashift  influencer  marketing  twitter 
7 days ago by kpieper876
Audiense:resources – Who Runs The Social Intelligence World?
In a recent influencers report, audiense:resources crunched the data to reveal the most influencial leaders in the field of social intelligence across the globe. Extracting data from 1,046 of the most important public figures, the largest influencers of professionals in the space, Brian Solis was in good company, named #4 among the top 10 Macro Influencers for the audience of Social Intelligence professionals, Elon Musk being #1, and Guy Kawasaki being listed as #6.
brian+solis  macro  influencer  social  intelligence  Media  top  brian  solis 
7 days ago by briansolis
Forbes – Influence And The Influencer: Persuading Audiences Through Social Identity
In a recent Forbes article discussing understanding the exercise of influence and social identity on the public, Brian Solis’ approach to determining influence was quoted alongside the likes of Robert Cialdini & Dale Carnegie.
brand  influencer  briansolis  influence  influencers  social  identity  brian  solis 
7 days ago by briansolis
Onalytica – An Evaluation Of Brand-Influencer Partnerships
Onalytica recently published a market research report An Evaluation of Brand-Influencer Partnerships: Understanding Motivations, Challenges and Aligning Goals. In the report they surveyed 500 influencers & marketers to gain an understanding from both sides on their motivations, challenges and goals. This is the largest Influencer Marketing Research Report of its kind for marketers focusing on B2B Marketing or B2C Organic influencer programs seeking to drive influence around a specific thought leadership topic or issue.
brand  influencer  business  marketing  human  networks  market  research  report  social  capital  Media 
7 days ago by briansolis
Social Animal - Content, Social Media and Influencer Marketing Tool
Social Animal is a Content Marketing Tool to find Trending content, Influencers & Generate ideas. Helps Create strategies for Content & Social Media Marketing.
content  influencer  find  monitor  track  marketing 
9 days ago by kpieper876
Influencers Are Faking Brand Deals - The Atlantic
“It’s street cred—the more sponsors you have, the more credibility you have.”
Instagram  sponsoredcontent  influencer  socialmedia  USA  TheAtlantic  2018 
24 days ago by inspiral
Inside the Pricey War to Influence Your Instagram Feed | WIRED
“Now, I don’t trust influencers [or] ‘makeup artists.’ Everybody wants free stuff and they just want to make money—there is no ethics behind it.”
advertising  instagram  influencer 
4 weeks ago by soobrosa
Influencers are faking brand deals • The Atlantic
Taylor Lorenz:
<p>“People know how much influencers charge now, and that payday is nothing to shake a stick at,” said Alyssa Vingan Klein, the editor in chief of Fashionista, a fashion-news website. “If someone who is 20 years old watching YouTube or Instagram sees these people traveling with brands, promoting brands, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do everything they could to get in on that.”

But transitioning from an average Instagram or YouTube user to a professional “influencer”—that is, someone who leverages a social-media following to influence others and make money—is not easy. After archiving old photos, redefining your aesthetic, and growing your follower base to at least the quadruple digits, you’ll want to approach brands. But the hardest deal to land is your first, several influencers say; companies want to see your promotional abilities and past campaign work. So many have adopted a new strategy: fake it until you make it.

Sydney Pugh, a lifestyle influencer in Los Angeles, recently staged a fake ad for a local cafe, purchasing her own mug of coffee, photographing it, and adding a promotional caption carefully written in that particular style of ad speak anyone who spends a lot of time on Instagram will recognize. “Instead of [captioning] ‘I need coffee to get through the day,’ mine will say ‘I love Alfred’s coffee because of A, B, C,’” Pugh told me. “You see the same things over and over on actual sponsored posts, so it becomes really easy to emulate, even if you’re not getting paid.”</p>

Pretending to have a sort-of job is the new having a sort-of job.
socialmedia  instagram  influencer 
4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Self-Service Influencer Marketing Platform
Leading YouTube influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies looking for branded content on YouTube, Instagram and more.
video  influencer  marketing  referral  youtube 
5 weeks ago by foss99

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