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#Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement - The New Yorker
But, for all its twee escapism, vanlife is a trend born out of the recent recession. “We heard all these promises about what will happen after you go to college and get a degree,” Smith said. “We graduated at a time when all that turned out to be a bunch of bullshit.” The generation that’s fuelling the trend has significantly more student debt and lower rates of homeownership than previous cohorts. The rise of contract and temporary labor has further eroded young people’s financial stability. “I think there’s a sense of hopelessness in my generation, in terms of jobs,” Foster Huntington said. “And it’s cheap to live in a van.” And so, like staycations and minimalism, vanlife is an attempt to aestheticize and romanticize the precariousness of contemporary life. “It looks like they’re having fun,” Huntington said, of King and Smith. “But they’re working a lot.”
vanlife  socialmedia  influencer  trends  review  critique  NewYorker  2017 
5 days ago by inspiral
How Brands Can Tap Micro-Data in Social Campaigns | DigitalNext - AdAge
Brands exploring influencer marketing similarly have a golden opportunity to deconstruct social influencers across the entire web. By reverse-engineering robust profiles of influencers and their followers using increasingly micro-focused sets of demographic, behavioral and engagement data, digital marketers simultaneously improve their abilities to create the most effective campaigns and to connect with the most relevant followers.
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10 days ago by johndodds
Influencer Ranking: Das sind die erfolgreichsten Youtuber im Social Web
Laut der Analyse von Territory Webguerillas kommunizieren Bianca Heinicke von Bibis Beauty Palace und Leon Machère auf Facebook, Youtube und Twitter plattformübergreifend am erfolgreichsten. Während Bibi auf Youtube und Twitter ganz vorne liegt, sichert sich der Rapper und Entertainer Leon Machère auf Facebook den ersten Platz. Nur knapp geschlagen geben muss sich jeweils Julian Claßen alias Julienco. Der 24-jährige Lebenspartner von Bianca Heinicke schafft es auf allen drei untersuchten Kanälen in die Top 3. Ebenfalls aufs Treppchen schaffen es Julian Bam (Platz 2 auf Youtube) und Dagi Bee (Platz 2 auf Twitter).
influencer  ranking  youtube  social  data 
21 days ago by gugelproductions
Amazon Sign In
I upvoted Amazon Influencer Program on Product Hunt: Amazon's elite social media influencer program
ProductHunt  Tech  Marketing  Amazon  Amazon's  elite  social  media  influencer  program 
25 days ago by glitchwitch
The journal is an interesting, useful asset.
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