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Why MICRO-INFLUENCER Marketing is ‘The Game’ in 2018.
With more than 700 million people scrolling through their feed each month, prices have been hitting serious highs. According to Forbes, an account with over a million followers can earn upwards of $50k for a single sponsored post (depending on its engagement). via Pocket
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7 days ago by hansdorsch
Relationship Management – How Can Establish Real Connections with Influencers…
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54% Of Women Around The World Have Purchased A Product After Seeing It In An Post.
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9 days ago by mandigital
Social Media Influencers Are so Last Season – Financial Times – Medium
“Whatever you do — don’t market yourself as an Influencer. Stick to journalism. That’s a proper craft.” This was advice I received from a fashion PR director. via Pocket
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14 days ago by hansdorsch
Thank you for this fantastic meal. Hopefully unfollows me soon.
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CGI 'Influencers' Like Lil Miquela Are About to Flood Your Feed | WIRED
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17 days ago by LuDuMu
Ross Johnson - To be cool, you have to actually BE cool. The...
To be cool, you have to actually BE cool.

The reason why people fail at being a social media influencer, is because they are focused on the wrong things.

They look from the outside at other influencers and want to be them.

The biggest thing they want is SIGNIFICANCE.

So... Naturally, they focus on trying to GET and HAVE what that influencer has.

Fancy car, cool clothes, professional photography... whatever is it.

Then, they post about it acting like they are the shit. Thinking they have all the pieces of the puzzle.

When it doesn't work, they fake it.

It's all to feed their ego, so it doesn't matter if it's real or not.

They have themselves convinced and that's what they care about.

Instead of focusing on who they need to BE.. they focus on what they need to HAVE.

I see it all the time.

It's unfortunate.

People think that influencers have no substance.


Influencers have the MOST substance.

Why do you think so many people like them?!

From the outside in, people think it's easy to become an influencer.

They think it's so easy to post a couple photos and get paid a few grand for it.

They think it's easy to have an audience.

It's only because they have never had those responsibilities before.

Being an influencer is just like every other business.

It's a shit load of work AND people need to LIKE you.

Cars, jewelry, professional photos, clothes, money... will NOT make people automatically like you.

So if you want to become an influencer, focus a little bit less on how cool your videos make you look and start focusing a bit more on having substance, personally, and value.

These fake influencers put me to sleep 😂
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22 days ago by lwhlihu
54% Of Women Around The World Have Purchased A Product After Seeing It In An Post.
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22 days ago by mandigital
‘Success’ on YouTube still means a life of poverty • Bloomberg
Chris Stokel-Walker:
<p>Do your children dream of YouTube stardom? Do them a favor: crush that ambition now.

<a href="">New research</a> out of Germany billed as among the first to review the chances of making it in the new Hollywood shows a vanishingly small number will ever break through—just like in the old Hollywood.

In fact, 96.5% of all of those trying to become YouTubers won’t make enough money off of advertising to crack the US poverty line, according to research by Mathias Bärtl, a professor at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg.

Breaking into the top 3% of most-viewed channels could bring in advertising revenue of about $16,800 a year, Bärtl found in an analysis for Bloomberg News. That’s a bit more than the U.S. federal poverty line of $12,140 for a single person. (The guideline for a two-person household is $16,460.) The top 3% of video creators of all time in Bärtl’s sample attracted more than 1.4 million views per month.</p>

But <a href="">as The Outline points out</a> (amalgamating various sources), those YouFaceInstaTubeGramBookers can make money on the side - by promoting crap and getting paid for it.
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23 days ago by charlesarthur

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