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How to Ask a Favor
1. Be Direct With Your Request
2. Give Your Reason Why
3. Provide an Opportunity for Escape

(1) Ryan, I've got a favor to ask ... would you be able to cover for me and attend the afternoon meeting in my place? (2) I'm still working on this report and won't be done in time. (3) I understand if you can't make it—it's been a crazy week for everyone.”
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5 days ago by eaconley
Claire Bishop on PALACE IN PLUNDERLAND - Artforum International
"The construction of yet another enormous venue for culture feels like the harbinger of a horrible new world in which all public services are drained of resources but every High Net Worth Individual can evade taxes by pouring a fraction of their profits into a cultural project that enhances their social status. The über-wealthy once gave a percentage of their riches to the church; today they give them to flexible and adaptable visual art/performance spaces."

"A Schema for a School is one thing; the more radical proposition would be a cultural institution that includes within its architecture crucial services like a public school, day care, or a branch of the New York Public Library."
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11 days ago by robertogreco
Global First Ladies Alliance
First Ladies are influential leaders.

The position of First Lady is one of the most influential and visible roles on the world stage, yet it does not come with a job description. The Global First Ladies Alliance draws upon ten years of in-depth experience working with First Ladies and their offices to assist them as they set priorities, identify strategic partners, generate positive impact, and develop lasting legacies.

Since 2008, our team has directly advised 42 First Ladies and their offices on programmatic and policy initiatives, and helped facilitate productive collaborations between First Ladies and nearly 30 global institutions. We also liaise with Presidents’ offices, ministries and other cabinet officials as their agendas align.
alliance  influence  politics  vision  advocacy  women 
19 days ago by pgorrindo
Is Donald Trump a Charismatic Leader? - The Atlantic
It could be because Trump, like many charismatic leaders, casts his arguments in ways that tickle the emotional parts of our brains while telling the more rational lobes to shush. That’s the process explored by Sara E. Gorman, a public-health expert, and her father, Jack M. Gorman, a psychiatrist and CEO of Franklin Behavioral Health Consultants, in their new book, Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us. “Persuaders might want to reduce the possibility of dissonance by constantly reassuring people that they have made the right choice ... or that there is no viable reasonable alternative,” they write. (Remember “I alone can fix it?”)
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20 days ago by Jibarosoy

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