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Just saw the new edition of Impact from ! Great news & stories abt the work!
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5 days ago by lurrel
Web Performance Optimization Stats - impact on UX and business metrics
E.g. "Rebuilding Pinterest pages for performance resulted in a 40% decrease in wait time, a 15% increase in SEO traffic and a 15% increase in conversion rate to signup."
web  performance  impact  conversion  business  metrics 
13 days ago by dandv
How Instagram Makes You Basic, Boring, and Completely Deranged - Broadly
By now, most people are familiar with the bad tendencies Instagram encourages: self-absorption, stalking, pastel-pink blandness. Two recent works—a novel, "Sympathy," and a film, "Ingrid Goes West"—take this as their subject. via Pocket
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13 days ago by jburkunk
Education Technology: An Evidence-Based Review
The J-PAL study, was previewed at an MIT conference in spring 2017.
jpal  RCTs  impact  evaluation  research 
15 days ago by WBedutech
Ludovia 2017: launching our pilot collaboration with the French ministry of education - Europeana Professional
Between 22-25 August 2017, Europeana joined the French Ministry of Education at Ludovia, the annual digital education summer university for educators. via Pocket
europe  france  impact 
16 days ago by kintopp
Theory of Change | Knowledge Co-Creation Portal
This portal presents current thinking and work on the use of Theory of Change thinking in complex change processes. This portal is hosted by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation.
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18 days ago by weitzenegger

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