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Development Impact and You
The DIY Toolkit has been especially designed for development practitioners to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results.
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2 days ago by patrick
RT : Social for dummies - Afterall, someone had to know what these words actually mean.
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6 days ago by Varna
Wall Street firms to move trillions to blockchains in 2018 | Imp
Wall Street firms to move trillions to blockchains in 2018 | Imp
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7 days ago by gitteheij
RT : Just because your are doesn't mean that can't have a on your
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8 days ago by ormg
If you don’t think about , you are more likely to have inferior financial returns.
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13 days ago by Varna
Sunlight payments
Sunlight Payments is designed to be the first and only end-to-end grant payments solution on the market that provides NGOs with secure, private and fully traceable money-transfer services with built-in controls and fraud detection capabilities.

Sunlight Payments integrates four key functions: direct money transfer, fraud detection, record-keeping services and a user-drive rating system. These four key functions work in tandem to reduce opportunities for a set of 40+ procurement schemes and attributes at all stages in a payment distribution chain, in a largely automated process.
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14 days ago by rarubin
Toniic Impact Portfolio Tool – Toniic
The Toniic Impact Portfolio Tool is an Excel-based tool that enables impact investors to document the interrelationships between asset classes and the impact of a portfolio of investments. This easy-to-use tool allows an investor to classify every underlying investment by its intended impact, as well as other variables that investors take into consideration when designing their portfolios — such as liquidity, expected returns, geography, management structures, and more. The outputs of the tool are visual representations of the individual portfolios, as well as investment data which has been included in the Toniic Diirectory and the T100: Launch report 2016.
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20 days ago by sdp
RT : measure your research jounce with
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20 days ago by wragge

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