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An organisation’s ability to create depends on how well it builds institutional capacities.

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2 days ago by Varna
china study
(most useful as a representative of such studies)
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3 days ago by WBedutech
Zombie Processes are Eating your Memory | Random ASCII
Zombies probably won’t consume 32 GB of your memory like they did to me, but zombie processes do exist, and I can help you find them and make sure that developers fix them. Tool source link is at the bottom. Is it just me, or do Windows machines that have been up for a while…
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9 days ago by gilberto5757
Glossary of Impact Management Project helps to understand impact
When it comes to assessing and managing impact, many terms mean different things to different people, or different words are often used to mean the same thing. This glossary is not intended to be a comprehensive repository of terms used in any one discipline; rather, it is the product of a collaborative attempt to clarify the similarities and differences in language usage among a number of disciplines that often interact.
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13 days ago by weitzenegger
HarrietTSpy on Twitter: "I don't have to eat Brussels sprouts just because they grow, and I don't have to use that word just because it's in a dictionary.…"
On “impact” (v):
"I don't have to eat Brussels sprouts just because they grow, and I don't have to use that word just because it's in a dictionary."
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15 days ago by handcoding
Nonprofit Resource Guide | StreetWise Magazine
Great directory of #nonprofit #support orgs & agencies for #homeless people #kudos
homeless  nonprofit  guide  directory  cause  reference  social  impact  chicago  drivetotrust  bullsi 
16 days ago by csrollyson

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