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Mortise and tenon - Wikipedia
From Jon Metz’s critique of Ikea furniture:
"From my experience, the furniture is best when it's intended wear from use is based on one direction. So tables are good because you're less likely to move them in more than one direction, but beds need to be able to move side to side or back & forth.

"Instead of using integrated joinery like mortise & tenons, they rely too much on pegs, dowels, & cam screws. Using real wood is rare, so chippage is common (most material is laminated particle board).”

(via: https://twitter.com/jonbmetz/status/932671336786382849)
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2 days ago by handcoding
It's finished (almost)! Tiny's pimped up kitchen is hiding in the loft ready for Christmas.
Blog post to foll…
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2 days ago by brokenbottleboy
IKEA METOD – Ein Erfahrungsbericht – Projekt Haus
Wir haben unsere Küche selbst geplant und mehrere Monate dafür aufgewendet.
Die Details zur Planung sind hier zu finden.
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7 days ago by thot
Reform hackt IKEA Küchen – mit kreativen skandinavischen Designs
"Reform Projekte beginnen mit einer einfachen Grundzutat – Schränke der IKEA Küche. Fügt man unsere von Architekten designten Fronten und Arbeitsplatten hinzu, schafft man einen neuen ästhetischen und persönlichen Stil, der Qualität, Funktion und zeitloses Design kombiniert."
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12 days ago by gohai
IKEA PS 2014 desk makeover: Orange to Minimalist IKEA Bureau - IKEA Hackers - IKEA Hackers
"Once dry the BUREAU was assembled but before attaching the top shelf I removed the frame of a VAGGIS noticeboard and slotted it into the back of the BUREAU to make a mini fold-away office area. Not pictured, but once finished I also bought some cheap flip-chart hooks which fit perfectly over the top shelf of the BUREAU to hang accessories (necklaces, scarves etc) as a little extra storage."
ikea  office  furniture 
15 days ago by mechazoidal
$15 Underdesk laptop shelf mount - IKEA Hackers - IKEA Hackers
" added a laptop shelf under my desk to store my laptop and reduce the clutter on the desk. It works great for running a laptop with an external monitor and keyboard."
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15 days ago by mechazoidal
Test of Ikea Koppla

It looks like a very clean design, no parts on top of each other or squeezed together, there is space for everything, including a good isolation distance. The performance is good.
USBcharger  IKEA 
16 days ago by dominomaster

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