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In brief: Go-Jek launches fuel delivery
Go-Jek, in partnership with Indonesia’s oil major Pertamina, has launched an on-demand fuel-delivery service. Called Go-Pertamina, it brings fuel to users from the nearest Pertamina gas station.
The service is available in South and Central Jakarta from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. It does not serve orders on toll roads, basements, or other enclosed areas. Given that Go-Jek has a large network of drivers who need to top up their fuel regularly, they could become some of Go-Pertamina’s biggest users.
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yesterday by dancall
Domino's Pizza + IFTTT
'If x, then you get a pizza delivered'
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yesterday by dancall
Do more with Domino's - IFTTT
Use the Domino’s service to place your Domino’s Easy Order so that life’s best moments always lead to pizza. Or, connect to Domino’s Tracker® for updates on the status of any order as it goes from dough to your door so you can get your house ready for the oven-baked deliciousness headed your way. This service is currently set up for US customers only and Easy Orders must be confirmed via text message before being placed.
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3 days ago by dancall

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