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Grabb-It wants to turn your car’s window into a trippy video billboard | TechCrunch
Maybe it’s because it looks a bit futuristic — a bit unreal. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at an ad somewhere I never expected to see one, like the skyscraper-height ads of Ridley Scott’s future.

Grabb-It turns a car’s side rear window into a full-color display, playing location-aware ads to anyone who might be standing curbside. They’re currently aiming to work with rideshare/delivery drivers, enabling them to make a bit of extra coin while doing the driving they’re already doing.

As the driver crosses town, the ads can automatically switch to focus on businesses nearby. Near the ball park? It might pitch you on tickets for tonight’s game. Over in The Mission? It could play an ad about happy hour at the bar behind you.
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1 hour ago by dancall
InkHunter heads to YC to build a try-and-buy tattoo marketplace | TechCrunch
Fast-forward two years and it’s the SDK idea on ice after InkHunter’s app gained enough traction in the tattoo community for the team to revive their marketplace idea — having passed eight million users — so they’ve relocated to Mountain View and swung back around to the original concept of a try-before-you buy tattoo app, using AR to drive bookings for local tattoo artists.

“We are focusing on iterating from ‘try’ to ‘try and buy’ experience, based on feedback we got from our users. And this is our goal for the YC program, which places a lot of focus on growth and user interactions,” CTO Pavlo Razumovskyi tells us.
augmented-reality  new-companies  ideas 
1 hour ago by dancall
YC-backed Send Reality makes 3D virtual walkthroughs for residential listings | TechCrunch
Send Reality sends photographers out to the listing with an iPad, a $250 commodity depth sensor, and a specialized Send Reality app. These photographers take hundreds of thousands of photos, and the Send Reality technology stitches those photos together to create a complete 3D model, as shown in the above .gif.
Chen says that what makes Send Reality tech special is how efficiently it’s able to stitch together these photos, explaining that the company can put together over 100K photos in the same time it takes for top academic labs in the world to put together 5,000.
property  ideas  video  ai  future  trends 
1 hour ago by dancall
How Technology Grows (a Restatement of Definite Optimism)
The deepest bias in American intellectual society; a new Moby-Dick; the US isn't making the best robots; plastics; process knowledge as industrial deepening
growth  economics  writing  optimism  ideas 
18 hours ago by karl11
Peterson’s Complaint
There’s no use debating a feeling. It’s time to change how we engage with Jordan Peterson.
articles  ideas  culture 
yesterday by gmisra
danah boyd | apophenia » You Think You Want Media Literacy… Do You?
Basis for Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd’s March 2018 SXSW Edu keynote,“What Hath We Wrought?” 
media_literacy  civil_society  ideas 
yesterday by macloo
Top 11 Best Youtube Channel Ideas and Topics to get you started
If You are looking for best Youtube Channel Ideas or Topics then this video is for you. If you are a beginner in Youtube and planning to start your own Youtube channel and confused what to do next? Your thinking stops here I am going to tell you youtube video ideas for beginners. There are tips for starting a youtube channel but one of the most is best topics for youtube videos so decide now and action it.
youtube  channel  ideas  topics  get  started 
yesterday by aniskhan
The company behind BarkBox is opening an ‘outdoor clubhouse’ for Nashville’s dogs | TechCrunch
Bark, the company behind the BarkBox subscription for dog treats and toys, is planning to open what it calls its first BarkPark in Nashville.
It sounds like the goal is to create a space that combines a dog park with a coffee shop or other hangout spot for humans.
“I was out with friends, we’re drinking wine, it’s a really cool restaurant … it was like a poster for people having a good time in the city,” said Bark co-founder Henrik Werdelin in a company blog post. “But my dog Molly was left out. And I realized: she deserves a space like this. We should be here together.”
At BarkPark, dogs will be able to play off-leash, and also try out Bark toys and treats (a selection will also be available for purchase). Their owners, meanwhile, will get free WiFi, access to a little coffee shop and the ability to ask questions of Bark staff.
ideas  pets  vhintegration 
3 days ago by dancall
Facebook says birthday fundraisers have raised more than $300 million over the past year | TechCrunch
Facebook marked the first anniversary of its birthday fundraisers by revealing that more than $300 million in donations have been raised through the feature, which lets users mark their birthdays by creating a donation drive for an organization of their choice. About 750,000 non-profits currently have access to Facebook’s fundraising tools (but not every user, since they haven’t rolled out to all countries).

The company also said that it is adding several new features based on feedback. These include allowing Pages to create and donate to fundraisers, as well as the ability to add matching donations and co-organizers to fundraisers. Donors will also be able to choose if they want to set up a recurring monthly contribution.
facebook  charity  ideas  stats 
3 days ago by dancall
Lowe’s Ventures backs Moved, a startup that makes moving less stressful | TechCrunch
Pittenger said that there are several reasons why the process can be stressful, like the fact that most people aren’t experts on moving, since they don’t do it as often as him (seriously, eight times is crazy). Plus, there’s just an enormous amount of planning and coordination required, whether it’s hiring movers, buying packing materials or putting your things into storage.

So Pittenger decided to make the whole process a lot easier by founding Moved. Moving, he said, “doesn’t have to be that stressful,” because with Moved, you get “a personal assistant coordinating all the aspects of your move.”

Moved is announcing that it’s raised $3.2 million in seed funding from Lowe’s Ventures (the early-stage investment arm of the home improvement giant), FJ Labs, AngelPad, Real Estate Technology Ventures and others.
property  ideas  deals 
3 days ago by dancall

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