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How I Made $70,714.20 Self-Publishing a Book About Ruby on Rails
Summary: A step-by-step walkthrough of how I made a nearly-full-time income from my Ruby on Rails course in 2016, and how it radically transformed my freelancing career. (7,121 words/35 minutes)
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1 hour ago by dangeranger
The Tyranny of Convenience - The New York Times
Convenience has the ability to make other options unthinkable. Once you have used a washing machine, laundering clothes by hand seems irrational, even if it might be cheaper. After you have experienced streaming television, waiting to see a show at a prescribed hour seems silly, even a little undignified. To resist convenience — not to own a cellphone, not to use Google — has come to require a special kind of dedication that is often taken for eccentricity, if not fanaticism.

For all its influence as a shaper of individual decisions, the greater power of convenience may arise from decisions made in aggregate, where it is doing so much to structure the modern economy. Particularly in tech-related industries, the battle for convenience is the battle for industry dominance.
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15 hours ago by cogdog
Oduta - Daily ideas for what to build next.
Daily ideas for what to build next.

4000+ Startup ideas about: IOT, Technology, medical, foods, agriculture, fintech ...
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