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Death of hierarchy: The tech generation that is revolutionising law firms
This would seem to be borne out by its headcount data. In the 2016/17 financial year, Mishcon had 53 staff in its technology team. In total the firm also had 494 fee-earners, giving it a ratio of 9.32:1.

Only Slaughter and May, with 84 technology specialists and 754 fee-earners, and the tech-driven, commoditised legal services boutiques Drydensfairfax and Bott & Co (respectively 27/119 and 14/35) have a higher proportion. Of the larger firms that provided data for this year’s report, DAC Beachcroft (98/1,530), Ashurst (172/1,644), Berwin Leighton Paisner (78/780) and Addleshaw Goddard (62/927) also feature prominently in terms of absolute numbers.

Elliot Moss, Mishcon’s director of business development (and one of the firm’s newest equity partners, having been made up last year) says the headcount data reflects an “inexorable change” taking place in the way legal services are delivered in the UK. This tech-led evolution, says Moss, will require a shift in the mindset of law firm leaders tasked with making long-term investments not just in technology, but also in the specialist professionals who can implement it.

“We’re seeing an increase in the use of technology and automation and process as an enabler, which means, as night follows day, that you need people who understand how to build and then interact with that technology,” says Moss.
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Intel Atom® Processor C3955 (16M Cache, up to 2.40 GHz) Product Specifications
Intel Atom® Processor C3955 (16M Cache, up to 2.40 GHz) quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility, design documentation, ordering codes, spec codes and more.
C3955  hardware  review  household  it  intel  virtualization  specs  ark 
2 days ago by emory
Intel Atom C3955 16-Core Top End Linux Benchmarks and Review
We have release day Linux benchmarks and review of the Intel Atom C3955 16-core top-end SKU for the Denverton series
C3955  hardware  review  household  it  intel  virtualization 
2 days ago by emory
RT : With the latest and efficient enlarging the industries all around the world…
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ASUS Announces Lyra Trio Wi-Fi System, Singapore IT Show Offers
ASUS has announced the Lyra Trio, a three-hub mesh Wi-Fi system that promises ultrafast connectivity throughout your home or office, with comprehensive, constantly updated security parameters. With its dual-band Wi-Fi, and tri-hub mesh, the antenna placement on the Lyra Trio delivers strong Wi-Fi connectivity to every corner with no Wi-Fi dead zones. Multi-storied homes will...

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ASUS  Announces  Lyra  Trio  Wi-Fi  System  Singapore  IT  Show  Offers 
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Does It Matter Which Charger I Use?
Does It Matter Which Charger I Use?
Does  It  Matter  Which  Charger  I  Use  -  life  hacker  2013 
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LG 29WK600-W 29" IPS LED
Comprar tu LG 29WK600-W 29" IPS LED
al mejor precio nunca había sido tan fácil y barato en una tienda de venta online
con tantas ofertas y descuentos.
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Get Your Hands On These Hot ASUS Deals At The IT Show
ASUS will be returning to the Singapore IT Show in 2018 this year, which is held at Suntec City Convention Centre level 3 from 11 am – 9pm, and levels 4 and 6 from 12-9pm daily until it ends on the 18th of March. You can look forward to hot deals from the ZenBook, VivoBook,...

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Get  Your  Hands  On  These  Hot  ASUS  Deals  At  The  IT  Show 
6 days ago by vrzone
Isaiah Thomas settling in with Lakers - Silver Screen and Roll
Isaiah Thomas is finding his groove again.
When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Isaiah Thomas at the trade deadline in February, there were a ton of questions about which I.T. the Lakers were getting.
Were they going to get “Mr. Fourth Quarter” or were they going to get the Isaiah Thomas that, through 15 games with the Cleveland Cavaliers, shot 36 percent from the field and noticeably made his team worse when he was on the floor? Now 13 games into his career with the purple and gold, we can say with confidence that the answer to that question is, simply put, yes.
While Thomas isn’t back to being the MVP candidate he was last season yet, he’s the closest he’s been to his former self in months. Since arriving in Los Angeles, Thomas is averaging 16.5 points 5.4 assists and 2.2 rebounds in 26.2 minutes off the bench
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Untitled (
RT : 【[굿독뉴스] 3월 15일, 코인뉴스 읽어주는 여자!  】

#비트코인 #가상화폐 #이더리움 #거래 #경제 #뉴스 #암호화폐 #블록체인 뉴스 #신기술 #가상화폐거래소 #비트코인소식 #전자화폐
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