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Who gets to tell Iraq’s history?
Avi Asher-Shapiro on the NYT ISIS document affair.
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yesterday by arabist
After the “almost 100 percent” Defeat of ISIS, What about its Ideology?
May 2018 Al Jazeera report
The narrative in the West is dominantly shaped by a short-sighted interpretation of the root causes of terrorism. After the fall of the Caliphate, the challenge now is how to defeat the organization, its ideology in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere.
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5 days ago by strohps
Newspaper Pledges to Return ISIS Documents to Iraq
@ursulind in @AlFanarMedia on the resolution (seemingly) of the NYTimes' removal of ISIS files from Iraq
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6 days ago by arabist
The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes - YouTube
Its history goes back way before the group ever existed.Subscribe to our channel! the few short years since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria formed, it has done the seemingly impossible, seizing vast areas of the Middle East to form a mini-state it calls a reincarnation of
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15 days ago by kogakure
What happens after ISIS falls? - YouTube
Three ways ISIS will remain a threat after defeat.Subscribe to our channel! was also a symbolic loss, Mosul is where the group declared a caliphate, or Islamic territory, in 2014. This set them apart from other terrorist organizations. They weren’t just a network of jihadist
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15 days ago by kogakure
RT : - officials have confirmed will return all 15,000 files to after
Iraqi  Iraq  BREAKING  ISIS  from twitter
18 days ago by sujal
Al Qaeda's 're-radicalisation' schools lure ISIL fighters in Syria - The National, Jan 20, 2018
In Idlib province, the rebel coalition Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS), dominated by the Al Qaeda-linked Jabhat Fatah Al Sham, has put “between 100 and 150” ISIL militants through the scheme so far, security sources told The National.
JabhatAl-Nusra  ISIS  Mar15  indoctrination  Idlib 
20 days ago by elizrael
Excessive Royalties at the Opposition Checkpoints in Daraa - Enab Baladi, Mar 3, 2018
Not so far from the Yarmouk Basin, many fuel merchants, in the city of Nawa, have also complained about the royalties that have been imposed by the checkpoint in Jalin Masaken, under the opposition, on the pretext that part of the fuel is going to the areas controlled by “Khalid Army,” which was negated by a fuel merchant in the city of Nawa.

He added that the responsibility of preventing the smuggling operations belongs to the factions, explaining that “the factions have forced a belt around Yarmouk Basin, and they have to stop smuggling, without imposing royalties on the merchants.”

The merchant complained about the extravagant amount of money that the checkpoint is demanding, pointing out that it exceeded the four thousand dollars, required on a daily basis in some cases; they are imposed in a systematic manner, not in an individual way.

According to the merchant, “Speaking about individualistic behavior is not convincing, for a fighter cannot take thousands of dollars from the people without the knowledge of his leasers.”

In a related context, a number of checkpoints, under the control and supervision of the “Dar al-Adel Court in Houran” (Justice), impose royalties with the help of receipts that carry the Court’s seal.

An official, in control of one of the Court’s checkpoints, “Abu Ali al-Mahameed,” explained that the Court has only two checkpoints of this type; the first is at the Court’s gate and the second is to the west of the Nasib town. The two checkpoints have receipts that carry the Court’s seal only.

As a response about the inquiries that tackled the Masaken Jalin’s checkpoint, al-Mahameed said that “al-Moutaz-Bellah Army” arrested the involved members, describing them as “bandits.”
Judiciary  Daraa  taxes  FSA  Mar15  blockade  ISIS  corruption 
20 days ago by elizrael
Marwan Zain al-Abidin: Key Figure in Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed? - Aymenn. Mar 28, 2018
Marwan was reputedly in Saydnaya prison together with his friend Ibrahim Yunis al-Muqaddam (also originally from Tasil). As will be recalled Saydnaya prison was notorious for housing Islamist and jihadist detainees. The two were said to have been imprisoned there in 2004 on charges of Islamist/jihadist affiliations. In Marwan's case, he had supposedly been recruiting people to fight the Americans in Iraq.

In early 2013 though, Marwan and Ibrahim were apparently released from prison. On their release, they set up base in their hometown and created a small faction called Kata'ib al-Tawheed wa al-Jihad.
ISIS  Mar15  Daraa 
20 days ago by elizrael
A Record of Syrian Monuments Before ISIS
John Gendall writes about the photography of the veteran architectural photographer Peter Aaron, whose images of Syria, from 2009, serve as a quiet reminder of the country’s recent past.
venice  2018  architecture  syria  loss  civ  middle-east  isis  photo  exhibition 
22 days ago by aries1988
AP Exclusive: Uighurs fighting in Syria take aim at China
Instead, an older Uighur would convene young fighters in the evenings to discuss history and politics. They looked to an improbable model for building an independent homeland: Israel and the Zionist movement.
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4 weeks ago by yorksranter

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