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The Joy of ISIS - The New York Times
The deep reality here (a reality not unlike the one that’s playing itself out on certain college campuses right now) is that many human beings, especially perhaps young human beings, still crave a transcendent purpose, even in a society that tells them they don’t really need one to live a comfortable, fulfilling life. And more than that, many people experience both a kind of liberation and a kind of joy in submission to these purposes, even — as is the case with ISIS — when that submission involves accepting forms of violence and cruelty that rightly shock the conscience of the world.

This joy is not something that our culture is conditioned to expect or accept, let alone to counter
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9 days ago by phillip.e.johnston
توقف معركة حوض اليرموك غربي درعا.. مصدر عسكري يشرح خطتها - عنب بلدي
وتوقع ناشطون من درعا أن سبب إيقاف المعركة، “عائد للضجة الإعلامية التي رافقت بدء المعركة، وحملات التخوين للفصائل بالعمالة لإسرائيل”.

وقالت مصادر عسكرية في درعا لعنب بلدي، إن المعركة “أوقفت بأوامر إسرائيلية”.
Mar15  Israel  Daraa  ISIS 
14 days ago by elizrael
One of my favorite images from 's victory against . A photo that'll set Takfiri souls on fire. Shi'a & Su…
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18 days ago by jmorgenstern
A Primer on the Merits Issues in ACLU v. Mattis (the U.S. Citizen Enemy Combatant Case) - Lawfare
First, and perhaps most importantly, note that this would be the first occasion for a court to address a question that has loomed for several years now: Does the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) extend to the Islamic State? The question has never been in the courts in a serious way before because it pretty much requires a detention case of this kind to ensure judicial review, and no detainee arising out of the conflict with ISIS has previously been in a position to bring a habeas petition. As a result, the Obama and Trump administrations have not really had to confront the possibility that the AUMF is best read not to encompass ISIS (and, by extension, that the detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 do not reach ISIS members). This has sapped executive interest in pushing Congress to pass a new AUMF explicitly focused on ISIS, among other things. Should this case go forward on the merits, that level of interest may suddenly change, particularly if and when the courts begin to express doubt on the matter.
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22 days ago by lukemperez
Southwest Daraa town ‘cut off’ by rain, landslides and an Islamic State affiliate - Syria Direct
Watad, the sole local aid organization that distributes flour to villages and towns in western Daraa province, refuses to distribute flour in Hayt for security reasons, Abu Ubeida said.

A spokesman for Watad, who asked to remain anonymous, told Syria Direct that the organization’s donors consider Hayt “unsafe” and do not permit flour to be delivered directly into the town. The Watad spokesman declined to elaborate further.

To supply Hayt with bread—a dietary staple for local residents—the local council receives its quota of flour at an undisclosed location east of the Yarmouk Valley, Abu Ubeida told Syria Direct. From there, the local council bakes the bread and transports it into Hayt using trucks in the summer or donkeys in the winter, he said.
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22 days ago by elizrael
RT : Not only is bombing ancient artifacts to rubble and dust in .

's bombed the ~3000 yea…
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23 days ago by dyma

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