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Better IMDB search | Packal
A Workflow for the OS X app Alfred2: Search IMDB for movies and see results inside of Alfred
alfred  workflow  imdb  movie  search  list  find 
5 days ago by ebouchut
Valerian - Die Stadt der tausend Planeten (2017) mit 5/10 bei bewertet

Eine eigentlich gute Idee, aber zu pl…
IMDb  from twitter_favs
12 days ago by Gehirnkaese
The Wonder Years (TV Series 1988–1993) - IMDb
Kevin Arnold recalls growing up during the late 60s and early 70s; the turbulent social times make the transition from child to adult unusually interesting.
tv  imdb  info  usa 
21 days ago by ezequiel
Visualizing nonlinear stories
[2017] Visual Interface for Creative Genome Data. The main part is that top timeline, which shows story order on the y-axis and movie running time on the x-axis. So if you were to visualize a movie that was linear, you’d see a straight line running from the top left corner to the bottom right. For nonlinear movies, like The Usual Suspects, you get a line that fluctuates.
movie  IMDB  story  visualization 
6 weeks ago by rexarski
Cannes Palme d'Or Winners, Ranked | Hollywood Reporter
THR critics sifted through all 69 past winners of Cannes' coveted top prize and put them in order from bottom of the
barrel (sorry, Bille August) to creme de la creme (hint: a timeless Italian masterpiece starring Burt Lancaster).
movies  IMDb  cannes 
7 weeks ago by grandeabobora
Graph TV
Handy graphs of per episode ratings for TV series so you know when to bail out.
imdb  tv  ratings 
10 weeks ago by mr_stru

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