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PyFiddle is a free lightweight Python IDE to run and share Python scripts with some nifty features,
python  online  ide 
2 days ago by awhite
Fresh IDE project - Introduction
Fresh is a visual assembly language IDE with built-in FASM assembler.

The main goal of Fresh is to make programming in assembly as fast and efficient as in other visual languages, without sacrificing the small application size and the raw power of assembly language.

Because Fresh is the logical continuation of the FASM project in the area of visual programming, it is perfectly compatible with FASM and you can use all your knowledge about FASM to program in Fresh.

Of course, you can use Fresh not only for Windows programming, but also to create programs for any OS that FASM supports - DOS, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, MenuetOS - the same way as you do this in FASM.

Currently, the development is shifted mainly on FreshLib, that will be the base for the next generation of Fresh IDE 3 - highly portable IDE with advanced visual editing architecture, that to provide OS independence for the developed applications.
linux  asm  assembly  windows  ide 
4 days ago by wjy
Doogie - A Power Browser
Doogie is a Chromium-based web browser with tree-style pages. It is built using CEF and Qt. The primary goal is to make a browser that functions more like an IDE. In an era where web browsers continually remove or hide UI, Doogie aims to make it more visible and allow easier cross-contextual browsing. Read the user guide
browser  chromium  qt  ide 
4 days ago by wjy
WebVR for a Gamified IDE – Minko Gechev's blog
In the first part of this blog post I discuss the idea of using virtual reality for gamification of manual tasks in the software development process. I introduce a demo project which allows source code visualization and manipulation in a generated Minecraft-like virtual reality. My initial presentation of the demo project was on ngconf 2017, and the project’s extension I presented on AngularUP 2017 during my talks “Mad Science with the Angular Compiler”.
vr  virtual  reality  ide  gamification 
5 days ago by gilberto5757
Visual Studio 2015 keyboard shortcuts - complete list
A complete list of all keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio 2015
keyboard  visualstudio  shortcut  ide  reference 
5 days ago by gilberto5757

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