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UniFi - How to Disable ICMP over WAN with USG – Ubiquiti Networks Support and Help Center
Overview The UniFi Security Gateway (USG) offers administrators many useful features to their UniFi managed network, including the...
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august 2017 by psm
Netcat 1.10 README
Some interesting history in the readme
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july 2017 by asteroza
Transparently tunnel your IP traffic through ICMP echo and reply packets
'icmptunnel' works by encapsulating your IP traffic in ICMP echo packets and sending them to your own proxy server. The proxy server decapsulates the packet and forwards the IP traffic. The incoming IP packets which are destined for the client are again encapsulated in ICMP reply packets and sent back to the client. The IP traffic is sent in the 'data' field of ICMP packets.

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june 2017 by diederich
Why enable ICMP inspection will allow ICMP traffic to pass ASA ? | Firewalling | Cisco Support Community
An ICMP inspection session is on the basis of the source address of the inside host that originates the ICMP packet. Dynamic Access Control Lists (ACLs) are created for return ICMP packets of the allowed types (echo-reply, time-exceeded, destination unreachable, and timestamp reply) for each session. There are no port numbers associated with an ICMP session, and the permitted IP address of the return packet is wild-carded in the ACL. The wild-card address is because the IP address of the return packet cannot be known in advance for time-exceeded and destination-unreachable replies. These replies can come from intermediate devices rather than the intended destination.


UDP and ICMP do not themselves contain any connection information (such as sequence numbers). However, at the very minimum, they contain an IP address pair. UDP also contains port pairs, and ICMP has type and code information. All of these data can be analyzed in order to build "virtual connections" in the cache. For instance, a cache entry will be created by any UDP packet which originates on the LAN. Its IP address and port pairs will be stored. For a short period of time, UDP packets from the WAN which have matching IP and UDP information will be allowed back in through the firewall.
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february 2017 by swirls

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