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The mystery of Tucker Carlson - Columbia Journalism Review
If we can figure out how an intelligent writer and conservative can go from writing National Magazine Award–nominated articles to shouting about immigrants on Fox News, perhaps we can understand what is happening to this country, or at least to journalism, in 2018.
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11 days ago by Weaverbird
Tricia Wang en Instagram: “I felt like was in the yoga version of @getoutmovie after a week @kripalucenter surrounded by lumpy potatoes in search of nirvana. The…”
"I felt like was in the yoga version of @getoutmovie after a week @kripalucenter surrounded by lumpy potatoes in search of nirvana. The themes & branding were all about equality, kindness, & peace but it didn’t feel like that to me when i looked around. There was a clear labor divide. The cleaner on my floor said I was the first person in her 5 years of working there who had a conversation with her. I had to fight hard to keep my resting bitch face game at 💯 to protect myself from invasive lumpy potatoes asking me where I was from. It’s my hope that as the community for POC healers grow, we will see more inclusive & representative spaces that move beyond just placing a token POC in their catalog or token instructor. Aim at least for 50/50 representation in all aspects."
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16 days ago by robertogreco
Jerry Falwell Jr. says Sessions has lost evangelical support - POLITICO
Falwell said Sessions lost the group’s loyalty “a long time ago" and has not stopped the Justice Department from going after Trump's allies. Last week, the president’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted of fraud and his onetime lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations.

“A lot of Republicans pretend to be friends to conservatives and the faith community for decades when they really were not,” Falwell said. “I don’t know if he’s in that category. If he was really a fair person, he’d be going after both sides.”
2018-08  religion  politics  hypocrisy 
22 days ago by Weaverbird
The GOP's New Pre-Existing Conditions Promise Is A Fraud | HuffPost
Senate Republicans claim their bill will protect people with pre-existing conditions. It won’t — unlike Obamacare, which does.
2018-08  healthcare  law  congress  gop  hypocrisy  politics 
22 days ago by Weaverbird
Spiked -- Asia Argento and the hypocrisy of #MeToo by Ella Whelan
'...The Argento case actually shows why #MeToo, her own movement, has been so damaging. It reminds us why the ideal of innocent until proven guilty is so important. Accusations are not proof of guilt, and should never be treated as such, and accusers are not always right. The Argento mess should teach #MeToo zealots about the danger of sanctifying victims. As we have seen in the UK, where numerous men jailed for sex crimes have since been released after gaps in the evidence were revealed, mistakes happen. And people lie. We shouldn’t take Bennet at his word. We should investigate his claims. The problem for Argento is that she failed to defend this principle in relation to others, but now presumably expects it to be applied to her. Talk about double standards.'
vigilantism  hypocrisy 
4 weeks ago by adamcrowe

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