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"People like to think that Hitler came straight into power with 'Kill the Jews y/n?' and all the Germans were like 'yeah totes' but it's just not how it goes."
"No, the defining moment of this timeline was that people didn't show up to vote the Nazi Party out in the one last chance they had. The one last chance they had before the power grab was up and the whole thing was too far off the rails."
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yesterday by djwudi
Today in labor history: Nazis destroy unions
Thus, the defeat of Hitler and liberation of Germany from Nazism represented a momentous victory for the working class of Germany and the rest of the world. But the struggle for labor rights continues, as we see daily in our own country.
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15 days ago by Marcellus
FACT CHECK: 1922 New York Times Article Says Not to Worry About Hitler’s Anti-Semitism
An early New York Times article about Adolf Hitler catastrophically misjudged the authenticity of his anti-semitism.

Fact Check History

1922 New York Times Article Says Not to Worry About Hitler’s Anti-Semitism
An early New York Times article about Adolf Hitler catastrophically misjudged the authenticity of his anti-semitism.

A 1922 New York Times article reported that Adolf Hitler “was merely using anti-Semitic propaganda as a bait to catch masses of followers”.
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24 days ago by sudocurse
Anders Nygaard on Twitter: "So, history experts from America who kept claiming Hitler could never have put all those people in concentration camps if only there were more guns. I guess this is your big moment?"
“So, history experts from America who kept claiming Hitler could never have put all those people in concentration camps if only there were more guns. I guess this is your big moment?”
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29 days ago by handcoding
How Did the Nazis Gain Power in Germany? - The New York Times
The conclusions for conservatives of today emerge clearly: Do not break the rules that hold a republic together, because one day you will need order. And do not destroy the opponents who respect those rules, because one day you will miss them.
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4 weeks ago by Peony43
How American Racism Influenced Hitler | The New Yorker
Hitler was an eccentric executive, to say the least. To make sense of a dictatorship in which the dictator was intermittently absent, Kershaw expounded the concept of “working towards the Führer”: when explicit direction from Hitler was lacking, Nazi functionaries guessed at what he wanted, and often further radicalized his policies. Even as debates about the nature of Hitler’s leadership go back and forth, scholars largely agree that his ideology was more or less fixed from the mid-twenties onward. His two abiding obsessions were violent anti-Semitism and Lebensraum. As early as 1921, he spoke of confining Jews to concentration camps, and in 1923 he contemplated—and, for the moment, rejected—the idea of killing the entire Jewish population. The Holocaust was the result of a hideous syllogism: if Germany were to expand into the East, where millions of Jews lived, those Jews would have to vanish, because Germans could not coexist with them.
Ron Rosenbaum, in his 1998 book “Explaining Hitler,” gives a tour of the more outré theories. It has been suggested, variously, that the key to understanding Hitler is the fact that he had an abusive father; that he was too close to his mother; that he had a Jewish grandfather; that he had encephalitis; that he contracted syphilis from a Jewish prostitute; that he blamed a Jewish doctor for his mother’s death; that he was missing a testicle; that he underwent a wayward hypnosis treatment; that he was gay; that he harbored coprophilic fantasies about his niece; that he was addled by drugs; or—a personal favorite—that his anti-Semitism was triggered by briefly attending school with Ludwig Wittgenstein, in Linz. At the root of this speculative mania is what Rosenbaum calls the “lost safe-deposit box” mentality: with sufficient sleuthing, the mystery can be solved in one Sherlockian stroke.
Jim Crow laws in the American South served as a precedent in a stricter legal sense. Scholars have long been aware that Hitler’s regime expressed admiration for American race law, but they have tended to see this as a public-relations strategy—an “everybody does it” justification for Nazi policies. Whitman, however, points out that if these comparisons had been intended solely for a foreign audience they would not have been buried in hefty tomes in Fraktur type. “Race Law in the United States,” a 1936 study by the German lawyer Heinrich Krieger, attempts to sort out inconsistencies in the legal status of nonwhite Americans. Krieger concludes that the entire apparatus is hopelessly opaque, concealing racist aims behind contorted justifications. Why not simply say what one means? This was a major difference between American and German racism.
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12 weeks ago by tedder42
Polizei - Betrunkener Mann zeigt Hitlergruß - Freie Presse
Ein 27-jähriger Mann hat am Mittwochnachmittag am Busbahnhof in Annaberg-Buchholz den Hitlergruß gezeigt. Laut Polizei rief er dabei lautstark "Sieg Heil", sodass es alle Personen in unmittelbarer ...
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april 2018 by anne_joan

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