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British have invaded nine out of ten countries
Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world
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2 hours ago by dandv
Radiooooo.com - The Musical Time Machine
Radiooooo 是一款收集了很多经典老歌的服务,提供网页版、iPhone 以及 Android 客户端,能够从 1900 年,听到 2010 年,世界范围内到大多数国家均有记录。@Appinn

背景图来自 unsplash


Radiooooo 提供三种口味的音乐:舒缓、快节奏以及比较奇怪的节奏。

最有趣的是,Radiooooo 提供一个 TAXI 出租车模式,它让你选定一个范围,比如 30 年代到 50 年代,在选定国家,可以多个多家。然后开始播放,Radiooooo 就像出粗车一样载着你在这些年代的不同国家漫游。



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7 hours ago by suimong
Loren Miller (judge) - Wikipedia
Loren Miller (January 20, 1903 - July 14, 1967) was an American journalist, civil rights activist, attorney and judge.[1] Miller was appointed to the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, by former governor Edmund G. Brown in 1964, serving until 1967. Miller was a specialist in housing discrimination, whose involvement in the early stages of the Civil Rights Movement earned him a reputation as a tenacious fighter for equal housing opportunities for minorities. Miller argued some of the most historic civil rights cases ever heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. He was chief counsel before the court in the 1948 decision that led to the outlawing of racial restrictive covenants, Shelley v. Kraemer.
losangeles  history 
7 hours ago by lundun
The last days of Admiral's Row's stately, neglected mansions - Curbed NY
"That is the ultimate tragedy of Admiral’s Row—that those buildings got knocked down for parking. In 2016, we are knocking down 150-year-old buildings for a parking lot," says Simeon Bankoff, the Executive Director of the Historic Districts Council. "It is embarrassing." Although they had been abandoned for over 40 years and left to become overgrown ruins, the officers’ quarters remained an irreplaceable part of Brooklyn’s history until their very end, and it is highly unlikely that the chain grocery store replacing them will become an equally important historic structure over the next century. "
newyork  brooklyn  history  urbanx 
11 hours ago by bwiese
Electron: Desktop Apps with Web Languages - GitHub Universe 2015 - YouTube
Electron is an open source library from GitHub that allows you to create desktop applications on three operating systems with HTML, CSS and JS rather than system-specific languages. This session will be two-part: an introduction to Electron and its ecosystem, by Jessica Lord, followed by a talk and demonstration from Jibo, a team using Electron to animate a first-of-its-kind home robot.
electron  overview  architecture  history 
11 hours ago by euler
30 Photos Inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Abandoned Buildings - Curbed NY
Brooklyn Navy Yard. This time, we get a detailed look inside the former surgeon's residence, which was completed around 1863. Our covert tipster, who visited the property on Wednesday, notes that this is before some of Admiral's Row was built, but thanks to landmark status, the condition of the surgeon's residence is "incredible."
newyork  abandoned  history  urbanx 
11 hours ago by bwiese

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