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Andrew Sullivan
"The middle part of the country -- the great red zone that voted for Bush -- is clearly ready for war. The decadent left in its enclaves on the coasts is not dead -- and may well mount a fifth column." -- Andrew Sullivan, 16 September 2001
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56 minutes ago by mookieproof
The Necessity of Juneteenth
"The most famous Emancipation holiday is more necessary now than it has ever been."
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(105) "HISTORY IN 3D" - ANCIENT ROME 320 AD - 3rd trailer "Walking around Colosseum" - YouTube
10min. Perhaps the best fly-throughs of ancient Rome yet. Forum, Colosseum, baths of Trajan and Titus, temple of Claudius, etc.
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3 hours ago by Marcellus
Information Wanted
Heartbreaking documents of African Americans trying to reunite their families after slavery ended.
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