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Constantine unprocessed episode draft
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may 2018 by ToasterFaerie
you're a taker, devil's maker - Anonymous - Hellblazer, Constantine: The Hellblazer (Comics), American Gods - Neil Gaiman [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: John knows a bad deal when it crosses his path.
Another sip of my pint's not helping me relax, so I fish out my smokes and light one. The ashtray's a cheap metal thing, someone else's butts already crumpled in the bottom of it. Wednesday watches me light up. I tuck the pack back into my pocket, blow out my first exhale, then ask, "Mind if I smoke?"

Wednesday barks a laugh, showing too many teeth. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, isn't that right?" I have to grin at that; what fucking nonsense. What doesn't kill you just doesn't kill you-- if you're not strong enough to survive it already, you're fucked.
fic  hellblazer  american_gods  yuletide  crossover  to_keep  gen 
december 2015 by a_phasia
Texts From The Trenchcoat Exorcist
(847): I'll be honest, I too would punch the 21 year old version of myself in the face, and then have rough sex with him
constantinetfln  constantine  hellblazer 
september 2015 by fandomnumbergenerator
Venus in Furs - SapphyWatchesYouSleep (Sapphy) - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Um, Constantine goes back in time and has sex with himself, because they're both slutty assholes. What more do I need to say?
Also, surprisingly tender, because old Constantine is super protective of young AU Constantine who actually not all damaged.
constantine  hellblazer  ficrecs 
september 2015 by fandomnumbergenerator
Like Magic - takemyrevolution - Hellblazer [Archive of Our Own]
When Gemma was a child she thought her Uncle John knew magic. She was right.
fic  Hellblazer  Gemma  Constantine  takemyrevolution 
february 2015 by adanska
More than we know - Anonymous - Hellblazer [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Cheryl just wants her own happy family and the bliss of a normal life. That doesn't mean she doesn't love her fuck-up of a brother who lives a weird life she doesn't even begin to understand. And she'll love her daughter no matter what.
Some moments from the life of Cheryl Masters née Constantine.
“It's not a matter of what I want to do. It's just a matter of what is and what I make of it,” he said cryptically. “I am who I am now.”

“And what is that, John?”

“John Constantine,” he said. “Conman, mage, all around fuck-up.”

It was the truth and what he believed in. It was enough to tell her that he was still moving in circles she'd rather not even hear about. Things had gone wrong for them a long time ago and John had chosen his path no matter what.
yuletide  fic  hellblazer  gen  to_keep 
december 2014 by a_phasia
On which I stake my name
The last thing Tony expects is for a business meeting he’s in to be interrupted abruptly by a blue-collar magician and sometimes-con-artist who needs to get a shape-shifting alien menace out of his apartment before she drives him insane. // Interesting xover. Hellblazer doesn't get enough love...
xover  slash  loki/tony-stark  rating:pg-13  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  hellblazer  stars:3/5  abandoned 
november 2014 by killaria
Op-ed: NBC's Straight-Washing of John Constantine Is Bi Erasure | Advocate.com
The character John Constantine in Hellblazer is a bad-ass demon hunter who happens to like both men and women, both sexually and romantically. Although his sexuality isn’t the main plot point, it’s pretty clear after reading a few issues that Constantine has had both girlfriends and boyfriends, and that he has been in some kinky man-on-man situations, à la Fifty Shades of Grey. But instead of staying true to the character, producers of the show have decided his sexuality isn’t that big of a deal. Or at least, representing his sexuality accurately isn't that important to him. However, I can't imagine the reaction would be the same if a major studio decided to try and make a traditionally straight character LGBT.
Constantine  DCComics  Hellblazer  NBC  VertigoComics  bisexuality  from:TheAdvocate  erasure  from delicious
july 2014 by owenblacker
Has NBC ruined 'Constantine' by straightwashing its protagonist?
Both Daniel Cerone and writer/producer David S. Goyer have spent several interviews talking about their battle to circumvent NBC standards and get Constantine to smoke on TV. The result is that he’ll be “a smoker,” but we’ll mostly just see him stubbing out cigarettes instead of actually smoking them.

This is a smart workaround for a character who smokes constantly throughout the Hellblazer comics. However, just like how Constantine can still be a smoker even when we don’t see him inhale, he’s also still bisexual even when he’s not making out with another guy. So it shouldn’t have been too difficult for Constantine’s writers insert one or two casual references to his bisexuality, rather than ruling it out for the next 20 years.
article  meta  hellblazer 
july 2014 by a_phasia
Why We Deserve More Bisexual Characters On Television
Today we learned that, in addition to losing his precious cigarettes the TV version of John Constantine will see his bisexuality downplayed, and some of you chimed in with reasons why Constantine should have both male and female lovers.
hellblazer  meta  article 
july 2014 by a_phasia
'Constantine' trailer shows the horrors of demon hunting | The Verge
"DC's famous demon hunter is headed to television this fall in Constantine, and NBC has just released its first trailer. The show, based off of the comic series Hellblazer, follows John Constantine's crusade against a hidden evil rising up on Earth. From the trailer, the series looks to be creepy, terrifying, and even a little funny, with pretty impressive special effects for a television show."
hellblazer  DC  comics  comicbook  constantine  tv  television  trailer  nbc 
may 2014 by cbucher1

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