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New hospital price lists are massive spreadsheets full of gibberish | Ars Technica
“At Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, an ‘HC BYP FEM-ANT TIBL PST TIBL PRONEAL ART/OTH DSTL’ will run you $35,014.00. If you go to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, an ‘HC ECMO/ECLS INIT VENO-VENOUS’ costs $51,384.00. And at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City, a ‘TRLUML PERIP ATHRC ILIAC ART’ goes for $22,689.83.

“These mysterious prices—and tens of thousands of others—are all on the hospitals’ respective new price lists, available in beastly spreadsheets downloadable from the hospitals’ websites. As of January 1, hospitals around the country are now federally required to list all standard charges for common treatments and care. The goal is to make hospital billing more transparent, allowing patients to comparison shop and anticipate medical expenses.”
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What Everything Costs in a Hospital, Sort Of +
“If you think of the healthcare system as a civic institution not unlike the legal system, the proposition for mere mortals starts to look absurd. Few of us would feel comfortable representing ourselves in courts of law without a lawyer, and yet we’re all expected to make our way through the complexity of healthcare entirely on our own, without an experienced advocate to help us understand our options and ensure our safety, to say nothing of maximizing the value of what we pay for.”
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What Everything Costs in a Hospital, Sort Of +
As of January 1st a new price transparency law now requires U.S. hospitals ...
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bletchley punk on Twitter: "Thinking about how universal healthcare and basic income would empower more people to leave employers they find unethical and that's why we don't have either yet"
“Thinking about how universal healthcare and basic income would empower more people to leave employers they find unethical and that’s why we don’t have either yet”
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Health Gorilla - Trusted Clinical Network
We connect the entire healthcare ecosystem on a single clinical network, empowering providers, patients, and vendors to exchange clinical data seamlessly and securely.
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