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Valant - EHR for Behavioral Health
Our platform isn’t an EHR, it’s the technology partner community mental health deserves.
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Find a HealthCare Provider
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Jeremy Hunt's GP recruitment pledge in tatters as 1,000 full-time NHS doctors quit last year | The Independent
Despite £20,000 incentives to attract trainees and attempts to hold on to senior staff, the NHS is now 1,200 GPs further away from its target of recruiting an extra 5,000 GPs by 2020 than when it was first set by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in September 2015.

The Department of Health baseline at that time was 34,592 full-time GPs, but two years on the September 2017 figures show overall numbers stand at 33,302. &!
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Finance trumps patients at every level – UK healthcare needs an inquiry | Aseem Malhotra | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian
tl;dr Diet & Lifestyle changes of the nation in the short-, medium- and long-term term can help (substantially) save the NHS. // A full public inquiry on the scale of Chilcot into the Iraq war may ultimately be required to overhaul a system where at every level financial interest continues to trump what’s best for patients – not only to improve the quality of care, but to restore trust in medical research. Until then, NHS England, the BMA and the Department of Health must make it a national priority to emphasise to patients that less medicine and healthier lifestyles are the most important solutions to sustaining the NHS. // statistics use in medical research and patient selection and reporting issue. absolute risk v % of all patients. // Such statistical and health illiteracy, far from being the exception, is actually the norm. The majority of healthcare professionals seem unable to understand medical literature. One study revealed 70% of those on a training programme failed a simple test on their understanding of evidence-based medicine.
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Which Industries are Already Benefiting the Most from Robotic Process Automation
Jacada provides digital transformation solutions that improve the effectiveness of customer interactions. Jacada agent desktop and process optimization solutions help companies reduce the cost of their operations, drive customer satisfaction and provide a complete return on investment within 12 months of deployment. Jacada is the pioneer of Visual IVR and the leader in Contact Center Agent Scripting.
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