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Tomáš Zemanovič :: RealWorld example with Haskell Yesod
This is an overview of an example implementation of the RealWorld backend built using the powerful Yesod framework written in Haskell.
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22 hours ago by nicolashery
Lenses for philosophers – Jules Hedges
Lens tutorials are the new monad tutorials, I hear. (This is neat, since monads and lenses were both discovered in the year 1958.) The thing is, after independently rediscovering lenses and working on them for a year and a half before Jeremy Gibbons made the connection, I have a very different perspective on them. This post is based on a talk I gave at the 7th international workshop on bidirectional transformations in Nice. My aim is to move fast and break things, where the things in question are your preconceptions about what lenses are and what they can be used for. Much of this will be a history of lenses, which includes at least 9 independent rediscoveries.
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23 hours ago by kmt
A Haskell Compiler
A Haskell Compiler: Slides on the GHC Implementation
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yesterday by tjweir
data structures - Doubly Linked List in a Purely Functional Programming Language - Stack Overflow
In a pure functional language, a doubly-linked list is not that interesting. The idea of a doubly linked list is to be able to grab a node and go in either direction, or to be able to splice into the middle of a list. In a pure functionaly language you probably are better off with one of these two data structures:

A singly linked list with a pointer in the middle, from which you can go either left or right (a variant of Huet's "Zipper")

A finger tree, which is a mind-blowing data structure invented by Ralf Hinze and Ross Paterson.

I'm a big fan of the zipper; it's useful in a lot of situations.
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yesterday by dicewitch

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