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Mastering Spark with R
With information growing at exponential rates, it’s no surprise that historians are referring to this period of history as the Information Age. The increasing speed at which data is being collected has created new opportunities and is certainly poised to create even more. This chapter presents the tools that have been used to solve large-scale data challenges. First, it introduces Apache Spark as a leading tool that is democratizing our ability to process large datasets. With this as a backdrop, we introduce the R computing language, which was specifically designed to simplify data analysis. Finally, this leads us to introduce sparklyr, a project merging R and Spark into a powerful tool that is easily accessible to all.
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Download QuickStarts for CDH 5.13 | Cloudera
Cloudera QuickStart virtual machines (VMs) include everything you need to try CDH, Manager, Impala, and Cloudera Search. VM uses a package-based install.
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