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Does your employer run SSL MiTM attacks on you? · fak3r
So, does your employer run SSL MiTM attacks on you? Take a closer look at the SSL certs you get when you load an HTTPS page and see what you can find.

they might have seen a EULA or other notice stating that the company owns everything, but for years we have trained users that if they use HTTPS and they see that ‘Lock’ that they have end-to-end encryption, they have privacy, but they don’t know that this can be completely false if the company is using an appliance that circumvents that functionality and silently installs a hand-made, bogus Root CA to lie to them.

Point is, since I’m not running Windows I’m not getting the system administering setups, so I didn’t recieve their fake Root CA to validate sites for me blindly. I know I’m an edge case here, but sometimes that’s what you need to learn about what’s really going on.
ssl  https  mitm  security  hacker 
4 days ago by hellsten
byt3bl33d3r/MITMf: Framework for Man-In-The-Middle attacks
MITMf aims to provide a one-stop-shop for Man-In-The-Middle and network attacks while updating and improving existing attacks and techniques.

Originally built to address the significant shortcomings of other tools (e.g Ettercap, Mallory), it's been almost completely re-written from scratch to provide a modular and easily extendible framework that anyone can use to implement their own MITM attack.
hacking  hacker  security  mitm 
9 days ago by hellsten
Mithering about the unmodellable
All the data from all the applications was thrown into a triple store, seemingly along with an expectation that somehow it would all magically reconcile and interconnect. data.parliament runs on a triple store, but no-one designed a data model (or ontology, if you will) for it. Silver and I spent some time attempting to reverse engineer a data model out of the data we found. We came up with this picture. If you squint hard enough you can see the shapes of individual offices in Parliament. The division data is connected to the people doing the dividing, but not to the motion or motion amendment or bill amendment the division was on.
parliament  rdf  hacker  organisations 
10 days ago by yorksranter
RE for Beginners | Reverse Engineering
If you have been searching for a place to get started with
Reverse Engineering and get your hands dirty - you are in the right place :)
hacking  reverse-engineering  hacker 
13 days ago by hellsten
"Reverse Engineering for Beginners" free book
If you have been searching for a place to get started with Reverse Engineering and get your hands dirty - you are in the right place :)
book  security  reverse-engineering  hacking  hacker 
13 days ago by hellsten

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