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What’s All This About Journaling? - The New York Times
I’ve lost my journaling habit recently—I’d like to bring it back into my routine.
journal  journaling  mental_health  writing  habits 
8 days ago by alexpriest
A note from 2030 | Seth's Blog
Twelve years from now, your future self is going to thank you for something you did today, for an asset you began to build, a habit you formed, a seed you planted.

Even if you’re not sure of where it will lead, today’s the day to begin.
seth-godin  start-now  life-advice  habits 
9 days ago by lwhlihu
How to Instill Best Practices into Your Development Team
Learn how to amplify the effectiveness of your development team and cultivate so-called 10X developers.
programming  habits 
12 days ago by lightningdb

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