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The W3C Markup Validation Service
W3C's easy-to-use
markup validation service, based on SGML and XML parsers.
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2 hours ago by websitejk
GitHub - susam/texme: Self-rendering Markdown LaTeX content
TeXMe is a lightweight JavaScript utility to create self-rendering Markdown LaTeX documents.
latex  markdown  javascript  html 
12 hours ago by lena
More on the DFT, a lot of stuff to skip at the start since its pretty exhaustive but a lot of depth later on
html  ccrma  long  signalprocessing  audio  textbook 
18 hours ago by sulkaritari
Florin Pop - Weekly Coding Challenge - The Complete Guide
Participate in the Weekly Coding Challenge to improve your coding skills by practicing on real-world projects.
challenge  coding  html  css  js  frontend 
yesterday by Remo
I Wanted To Type a Number | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
We can choose between following the specification and having a sub-optimal keyboard for numeric input on a large swath of devices, or we can explore other options to make this work.
forms  html  ux  guide  progressive-enhancement 
yesterday by janoewen
All About mailto: Links
ou can make a garden variety anchor link (<a>) open up a new email. Let's take a little journey into this feature. It's pretty easy to use, but as with anything web, there are lots of things to consider.
webdesign  html  email 
yesterday by josephaleo
HTML/JS framework for creating interactive presentations and slide decks
framework  javascript  slides  presentation  speaking  html 
yesterday by ste
Ryan's Tutorials -
A collection of introductory technology tutorials covering Linux, Web development, general problem solving and graphic design.
bash  css  development  html  linux  scripting  tutorial  web 
yesterday by speckz
H5P – Create and Share Rich HTML5 Content and Applications
H5P empowers everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content - all you need is a web browser and a web site that supports H5P.
E-Learning  HTML  content  create  elearning 
yesterday by axehandle
Faux Video: A Fallback for Video in Email
While real videos aren’t supported in most clients, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the idea of adding video-like interactions to your campaigns. Enter: faux video!
email  html  work 
yesterday by bfulop
Comics RSS
If you use an RSS reader, and like reading comics, then this is the site for you! Preview comic strips, and if you like them, then add the RSS feed to your reader.
comic  rss  feed  html  javascript  website 
yesterday by der_dennis

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