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Сервис для привлечения кандидатов в социальных сетях
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3 days ago by stasya
Employer Branding & Media Strategy | Bayard Advertising
Leading full-service employer brand and media strategy agency on the forefront of innovation in talent and recruitment communications.
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3 days ago by stasya
Crystal - the app that tells you anyone’s personality.
Personality assessments, predictions and coaching tools to understand anyone’s personality for hiring, team building, sales and more.
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3 days ago by stasya
Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog
Probably the best recruiting & talent acquisition blog in the world.
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3 days ago by stasya
How to Create a Recruitment Marketing Role at Your Organization | Rally™ Recruitment Marketing
Info for leaders considering adding a Recruitment Marketing function at their org, and for recruiters or marketers who want to pitch the creation of a
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7 days ago by stasya
RT : 6 Simple Things Every Team Wants From Their Leader

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7 days ago by JINHONG

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