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This new book looks good - Strategic Privacy by Design by R. Jason Cronk
A new handy guide to implementing privacy by design, written from a practitioner's perspective.
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Privacy International | Data Protection Guide
The Keys to Data Protection: A guide for policy engagement on data protection
guide  dataprotection  privacy  international 
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Building RESTful web services With Dropwizard – Hensle Joseph – Medium
Dropwizard is a framework for building RESTful web services in Java. In this tutorial we’re going to have a look at how to get started with developing a Dropwizard application by building a new…
restful  java  dropwizard  guide 
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War Academy Article Index | CivFanatics Forums
[Vanilla] Civilization Guide: America, Bandobras Took
[Vanilla] Civilization Guide: England, Veneke
[Vanilla] Civilization Guide: India, BjoernLars
[Vanilla] Civilization Guide: Japan, dexters
[Vanilla] Civilization Guide: Persia, MadDjinn
Civilization Guide: DLC Inca, Pouakai
[G&K] Civilization Guide: Rome, Lordleoz + team
[BNW] Civilization Guide: Rome, Lordleoz
[BNW] Civilization Guide: Celts, Browd
[BNW] Civilization Guide: Assyria, MegaBearsFan
[BNW] Civilization Guide: Brazil, MegaBearsFan
[BNW] Civilization guide: Indonesia, MegaBearsFan
[BNW] Civilization Guide: Morocco, MegaBearsFan

Amphibious Invasions, SemperFi2382
Dealing With Barbarians, grandad1982
Ranged Combat, BjoernLars
The Mechanics of Combat, vexing
Understanding the Zone Of Control, chrin67
Unit Movement in Civilization V, chrin67 & vexing
[Vanilla] Unit Guide: Modern & Future Units, Camikaze

[BNW] Social Policy: Tradition, Browd
[BNW] Social Policy: Liberty, Browd
[BNW] Social Policy: Honor, Browd
[BNW] Social Policy: Piety, Browd
[BNW] Social Policy: Patronage, Browd
[BNW] Social Policy: Rationalism, joncnunn

[BNW] Ideology: Autocracy, Browd
[BNW] Ideology: Freedom, Browd
[BNW] Ideology: Order, Browd

[G&K] Social Policy: Tradition, LordLeoz
[G&K] Social Policy: Lib
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