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Running Commands on Your Linux Instance at Launch - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
In practice, this feature works for a few commands, like installing the SSM agent, but it doesn't work for a lot of commands, especially if they take time (are blocking). For that it's better to launch them with the bare minimum (install ssm agent, python) and then use an ansible playbook to install the rest.
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1 hour ago by racl101
Launching an Instance from a Launch Template - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
Launch templates actually work if you launch ec2 instances the same way every time. By 'same way', however, I mean same volume size, same volume type, same security groups, same subnet, etc. However, this service is not ideal for launching, say LAMP servers, with same configuration. For that you should either use an Ansible playbook or and/or create your own AMI and launch instances from that. In other words, don't use the User Data EC2 setting to run a bunch of commands as it is not reliable.
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1 hour ago by racl101
Boto 3 Documentation — Boto 3 Docs 1.7.80 documentation
Excellent library to use the AWS CLI but with a Python library wrapping it. If you hate using the Bash Shell script to work with AWS CLI and love Python 2.7 then use this library.

So far, I've tried it for the following services:

- EC2
- S3
- Scaling Groups
boto3  python  python2.7  documentation  guide  reference  aws  cli  sdk  ec2  s3  library  module 
1 hour ago by racl101

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