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As Amazon opens a guerrilla store, has the internet beaten the high street?

Argos chief executive John Rogers explains a new topsy-turvy retail landscape where 60% of orders originate online but two-thirds of those shoppers turn up in store to collect their toys, kettles and toasters. Despite a plethora of delivery options, 80% of its orders end up being fulfilled the old-fashioned way through the now combined Sainsbury’s and Argos store network.
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My fear and fury in the eye of the Russia-Leave storm | Carole Cadwalladr | Opinion | The Guardian
"Leave.EU launders extremist content. It tests the ground. It gets unpalatable ideas out into the mainstream – racism, islamophobia, homophobia, death threats to journalists – and it normalises them.

It did its job: it has coarsened public discourse another inch. It has opened the door for other journalists to be threatened on other stories. It has shown you can make fascistic bullyboy threats. And get away with it."
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76 minutes with … John Lydon | Music | The Guardian
The only good political movement I've seen lately was Occupy Wall Street. They had no leaders, which was genius. But unfortunately it always ends up with some hippy playing a flute.
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