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Breaking and Entering - YouTube
"By Kelley Dong "

"Breaking and Entering + Late Embryo + Rained Last Night
Kelley Dong, US, Digital Video, 3 min, Sound, 2017

1. Breaking and Entering:
The impossible childhood home, it cannot be reached and it is not the same.

2. Late Embryo: [ ]
300 frames of 56 photographs taken over 20 days compressed into the span of the time it takes for you to answer my call as I pull up into the driveway and wait by the phone.

3. Rained Last Night: [ ]
More waiting. Thinking about how much I hate rain."
film  video  kelleydong  2017  googlestreetview  internet  storytelling  streetview  googlemaps  via:fantasylla 
january 2018 by robertogreco
People-Mapping Through Google Street View
A study comparing images of New Orleans in 2007 and 2016 found a striking increase in the number of people (and bicycles) occupying public space.
people  googlemaps  googlestreetview  essay  surveillance 
november 2017 by atran
RT : Od dziś w można wirtualnie zwiedzić wszystkie stacje . Do zamieszczonych wcześniej stacji…
GoogleStreetView  metro  from twitter_favs
march 2017 by mgprojekt
RT : Ekipa właśnie zwiedza kampus SGH. Efekty wkrótce w
GoogleStreetView  from twitter
september 2016 by mgprojekt
Official Google Blog: Sheep View: Where there’s a wool, there’s a way
Over the past three months, Durita Andreassen and a few friendly sheep equipped with solar-powered cameras strapped to their woolly backs set out to collect imagery of the Faroe Islands for Street View.
googlestreetview  faroeislands  google 
august 2016 by maltodextrin
This Isn’t a Google Streetview Car, It’s a Government Spy Truck
An SUV tucked away in the shadows of the Philadelphia Convention Center’s tunnel bears the ubiquitous logo for Google Maps, and mounted on top of the vehicle are two high-powered license plate reader cameras. To the average passerby, it might appear to be a Google street view vehicle.

Others, such as Matt Blaze, a University of Pennsylvania computer and information science professor, saw it for what it truly was: a crudely disguised tool for surveillance. Blaze tweeted a photo of the vehicle with the appropriate opening: “WTF?”
surveillance  philadelphia  usa  licenseplates  reading  security  privacy  googlestreetview  undercover  deception  2016 
may 2016 by Frontrunner
Google Maps Streetview Player
"The google maps streetview player will take in either a starting point and end point, or a provided file of a route and provide a playthrough of the google streetview images that are available."
googlemaps  streetview  maps  animation  playthrough  googlestreetview 
february 2016 by robertogreco
Tracing You (2015) -- by Benjamin Grosser
"computational surveillance system

Tracing You presents a website’s best attempt to see the world from its visitors’ viewpoints. By cross referencing visitor IP addresses with available online data sources, the system traces each visitor back through the network to its possible origin. The end of that trace is the closest available image that potentially shows the visitor’s physical environment. Sometimes what this image shows is eerily accurate; other times it is wildly dislocated. What can a computational system know of our environment based on the traces we leave behind? Why might it want to see where we are? How accurate are the system’s data sources and when might they improve? Finally, what does this site’s attempt to trace its visitors reveal about who (or what) is reading the web? By showing how far it sees in real-time, Tracing You provokes these questions and more.

How it Works
Every time you visit a website, the computer serving that site records data about the visit. One piece of that data is the visitor’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. A numerical string (e.g., the IP address uniquely identifies the device used to view the site, whether it’s your phone, laptop, or tablet. Every IP address is registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, and thus has data associated with the registration. Tracing You starts with this IP address and follows the trail it leaves. First it looks up the IP address using ipinfo to obtain geolocation. This is represented as a latitude/longitude pair (e.g. 48.8631831,2.3629368) that identifies a precise location on the earth. The latitude/longitude is sent to Google, where it queries the Street View, Static Maps, and Javascript Maps data services. Using these services, Tracing You searches for the closest available match it can find, whether it’s a street image in front of the location, an interior image inside the location, or, if nothing else, a satellite image from above (e.g. many locations in China). Once found, this image is combined with text information from ipinfo and shown on the Tracing You interface.

These queries happen so quickly that when you look at the Tracing You interface you should see an image related to you. You will be the site’s most recent visitor at that moment. The image you see may be very close to your current location, or even photographed from within the building you are in at that moment. Alternatively, the image may be down the block, a few blocks over, or even further. How close it gets is very much dependent on how networks are built, configured, operated, and distributed where you are, which network you use, and the accuracy of the data associated with those networks. The more you look at the site, the more it looks back at you. Big data is continually refining its “picture” of the world. As that picture becomes more resolved, Tracing You will get more accurate. As new data sources become available, I will integrate them into the work."

[See also: ]
2015  benjamingrosser  google  internet  ip  maps  mapping  googlestreetview  streetview  data  ipaddresses  bigdata  networks  online 
january 2016 by robertogreco
Gopro Cinema |
"Because like everyone but the really good people I don’t blog enough anymore, here is an honest-to-god blog post about an idea that’s not really there yet, but I keep thinking about.

Three takes on non-human photography, on a spectrum"

"As wiser people have pointed out, human-animal relationships provide an interesting viewpoint on human-technological relationships. What happens when we free the camera from the eye, and thus from anthropocentrism?"
jamesbridle  gopro  cameras  animals  multispecies  aesthetics  pov  video  film  filmmaking  leviathan  newaesthetic  jacquestati  playtime  streetview  googlestreetview  photography  videography  cinematography  sweetgrass  sensoryethnographylab  human-animalrelations  human-animalrelationships  pets  farms  luciencastaing-taylor  vérénaparavel 
july 2015 by robertogreco
London, England - Google Maps
My second appearance (that I know of) on Google Street View.
philgyford  googlestreetview  london  uk 
july 2015 by philgyford
Google Street View Comes to California's State Parks | State Park | SoCal Wanderer | KCET
"Last week, California State Parks and Google Maps unveiled a project that allows folks to experience the images and sights of various hikes throughout California State Parks. Rather than fitting a 360-degree camera on top of a car, Google used Trekker, its camera that fits onto a wearable backpack and snaps photos as one walks."
california  stateparks  2015  googlemaps  google  streetview  googlestreetview  parks 
july 2015 by robertogreco

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