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Device Experience Mining for Ecommerce Conversion – Craig Sullivan – Medium
I was showing a student a runthrough of an ecommerce site model the other day and they liked it so much, I decided to document this for rapidly helping you ‘find stuff that costs money’. There’s a…
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12 days ago by tmrly
13 Useful Custom Dimensions For Google Analytics | Simo Ahava's blog
One of my favorite (and most popular) articles in my blog is Improve Data Collection With Four Custom Dimensions. In that article, I show how you can improve the quality and granularity of your Google Analytics data set with just four Custom Dimensions. The reason I chose the four dimensions (Hit Timestamp, Session ID, Client ID, and User ID) is because I firmly believe that they should be in Google Analytics’ standard set of dimensions, but for some inexplicable reason they aren’t.
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19 days ago by 1luke2
Because automatically collects personal - you need to adjust settings for
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27 days ago by jhill5
Tracking Session Time with Google Tag Manager | Data Runs Deep
By using Google Tag Manager, we can track and store our own session start time. We can use this value to work out how many seconds it takes after first visiting a site to complete a checkout, or download a document, or fill out form.
29 days ago by 1luke2
Leverage useBeacon And beforeunload In Google Analytics | Simo Ahava's blog
This nifty little solution will let you calculate the time spent on pages that are not tracked in Google Analytics by default. These include both bounced landing pages and exit pages. Bounced pages and exit pages lack the necessary subsequent pageview, which Google Analytics uses to calculate time-based metrics.
29 days ago by 1luke2
Anonymizing Google Analytics
In order for the IP of visitors to be stored in Analytics only in a masked form, the _anonymizeIp () function must applied. The complete (standard) integration of the Google Analytics tracking code will look something like this:
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4 weeks ago by 1luke2
Implementing And Testing Google Analytics IP-Anonymization – Classic Analytics ga.js (Legacy) | Blog | EN | smec - Smarter Ecommerce
Anonymizing IP Addresses in Google Analytics
For some time now, Google Analytics provides anonymizing functionality (specifically: deletion of the last octet of the IP-Address prior to storage).
Typically, the relevant piece of code looks like this:
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4 weeks ago by 1luke2

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