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yesterday by jamescarlos
It’s Good to Be Bad If You’re a Bank - Bloomberg
That would probably be a sufficient answer in itself—“we already use people’s data to make vastly more money than most hedge fund managers can dream of, why mess around with securities regulation?”—though I still find it a little counterintuitive that advertising all of the world’s goods and services would be more lucrative than owning them. But Schmidt’s answer strikes me as underestimating the level of … not trust, certainly, but resignation? … that people feel toward big tech companies. “We can’t exploit people’s search and email data for profit, they would go crazy,” is just an odd thing to think when you are running Google.
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yesterday by elrob
NY Times Using Google AI to Digitize 5M+ Photos and Find 'Untold Stories'
The New York Times has teamed up with Google Cloud for digitizing five to seven million old photos in its archive. Google’s AI will also be tasked with unearthing “untold stories” in the massive trove of historical images.
“For over 100 years, The Times has archived approximately five to seven million of its old photos in hundreds of file cabinets three stories below street level near their Times Square offices in a location called the ‘morgue’,” Google writes. “Many of the photos have been stored in folders and not seen in years. Although a card catalog provides an overview of the archive’s contents, there are many details in the photos that are not captured in an indexed form.”
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yesterday by rgl7194
googleapis/google-api-python-client: 🐍 The official Python client library for Google's discovery based APIs.
🐍 The official Python client library for Google's discovery based APIs. - googleapis/google-api-python-client
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yesterday by pinterb

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