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A recent patent i.e. Passage shows that it may rely on structured data and…
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The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference - Terence Parr - Google Books
you can't put too much water into a nuclear reactor
to my phd supervisor, for whom no thanks is too much
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Where Warren’s Wrong
Senator Warren’s proposal about how to regulate tech is wrong about history, the source of tech giant’s power, and the fundamental nature of technology itself. That doesn’t mean t…
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Killed by Google - The Google Graveyard & Cemetery
The Google Graveyard: A list of dead products Google has killed and laid to rest in the Google Cemetery.
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The Waze App Knows Exactly When You’re Seeing McDonald’s Billboards - Eater
Last October, Waze tested these new advertising capabilities in Southern California. The Waze app mapped the location of around 300 McDonald’s billboards in the area. When Waze users traveled along a route with one of these, the app pushed a “zero-speed takeover” ad, which appears on the Waze device when the car is stopped. (Safety first, then processed pork products.) Along with a photo of the elusive McRib sandwich, the ad offered drivers the option to reroute to a nearby McDonald’s location.

During the campaign, 8,400 drivers opted to reroute to a McDonald’s. This number only includes drivers who immediately went to a McDonald’s after seeing the ad, but given that the ad made 6 million total impressions, it’s likely other drivers picked up a McRib or made a McDonald’s visit later. Although Waze didn’t track those visits, the company does have that capability: Waze pings its users’ GPS every second and stores that data, sometimes sharing it with local governments, in what many consider a step too far regarding privacy concerns.
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