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Upspin · Upspin
Upspin is an experimental project to build a framework for naming and sharing files and other data securely, uniformly, and globally: a global name system of sorts.

It is not a file system, but a set of protocols and reference implementations that can be used to join things like file systems and other storage services to the name space.

Performance is not a primary goal. Uniformity and security are.
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19 hours ago by newtonapple
Meet the Neural Network AI You Can Train Easily — Like a Dog
"To counter this assumption, Amsterdam-based designer Bjørn Karmann created The Objectifier, an artificially intelligent interface that can be easily trained by anyone to perform simple tasks, such as turning lights on and off with a gesture. To do this, it’s equipped with a camera that is enhanced with computer vision technology, and a simple neural net."
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19 hours ago by jonerp
I decided to disable AMP on my site
The decision to turn AMP off was a long time coming. Thankfully it was almost as easy to disable AMP on WordPress as it was to enabled it. I just had to disable the AMP plugin. Less than 24 hours later Googled stopped showing the AMP version of my site in their search results.
webdev  google  amp 
20 hours ago by euler

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