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2016 Gnip product tour | Twitter Blogs
2016 Gnip product tour - Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, New York, London, Tokyo, SF and Sao Paulo
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january 2016 by kinlane
Twitter To Let Brands Link Up Users’ Twitter Handles With Their Customer Accounts For Customer Care | TechCrunch
Several features were unveiled today. First of all, businesses can use the Fabric developer platform to link up a customer’s phone number or Twitter credentials to that customer’s account with that business. You do this in the CRM backend, but then when the customer service rep sees the user on Twitter via an enterprise client, it will automatically link the two. Twitter is showing off how it works with Oracle, one of the company’s early partners, for its customer care effort.
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october 2015 by inspiral
CEO Shadowing
Behind the stories of most first-time venture-backed CEOs building startups and attacking markets at breakneck speed, there is usually a tight network of mentors and peers showing them the ropes of company building. That’s certainly been my experience at Pantheon—we likely would not exist if not for the crucial help of James Lindenbaum, Adam Gross, Steve Anderson, Ryan McIntyre, Brad Feld, and all of the advisors who have assisted us on our journey.
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march 2015 by GameGamer43
DrSkippy/Data-Science-45min-Intros · GitHub
"~45-minute lessons and tutorials on topics that help our data team (@gnip) learn new things [...]"
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january 2015 by chl-archive

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