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ymattw/ydiff: View colored, incremental diff in workspace or from stdin with side by side and auto pager support (Was "cdiff")
View colored, incremental diff in workspace or from stdin with side by side and auto pager support (Was "cdiff") - ymattw/ydiff
tools  git 
6 hours ago by beajeanm
Git Prune
The git prune command is an internal housekeeping utility that cleans up unreachable or "orphaned" Git objects. Unreachable objects are those that are inaccessible by any refs. Any commit that cannot be accessed through a branch or tag is considered unreachable. git prune is generally not executed directly. Prune is considered a garbage collection command and is a child command of the git gc command.
git  admin 
7 hours ago by p6ril
Git - Stashing
Often, when you’ve been working on part of your project, things are in a messy state and you want to switch branches for a bit to work on something else. The problem is, you don’t want to do a commit of half-done work just so you can get back to this point later. The answer to this issue is the git stash command.

Stashing takes the dirty state of your working directory — that is, your modified tracked files and staged changes — and saves it on a stack of unfinished changes that you can reapply at any time.
git  documentation  reference 
9 hours ago by kmt
Craft CMS Deployment Methods
A great deep dive into best methods for deploying Craft across servers
craftcms  deployment  development  git 
9 hours ago by ste

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