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osx - How to use git mergetool's filemerge - Stack Overflow
everything you need to know to use apple filemerge. so unintuitive!
apple  filemerge  git 
10 hours ago by frankfarm
git: Get absolute path of file, relative to repo - Stack Overflow
Q: How do I get the absolute (full) path of a file, relative to the repo?
2013  forumthread  stackexchange  git  cli  example  scripting  unix  linux  windows  macosx  tips 
10 hours ago by ezequiel
A fast and lightweight Git client for Mac with Finder integration.
git  macos 
11 hours ago by siggiarni
Enhancing Git on OS X
great tips/description of how to configure terminal/bash for git usage (status colors in the cmd promt, git aware autocompletion)
git  terminal  excellent  productivity 
12 hours ago by negril
GitHub - schacon/git-scribe: basically the best way to write an ebook
The git-scribe tool is a simple command line toolset to help you use Git, GitHub and Asciidoc to write e-books. This provides tools for setting up the structure, collaborating with co-authors, doing technical and copy-editing, handling translations, taking errata, as well as publishing online, pdf, mobi (Kindle) and epub (iBooks, Nook) versions.
git  ebook 
17 hours ago by thijsniks
Git branching

Wenn man mehrere Pullrequest in einem feature-Branch zusammenfasst aber schon einen auch wenn es der Erste ist schon zu master gemerged hat dann kommt es zu Problemen wenn man den master ...
git  work  Arbeit  github  from notes
20 hours ago by rauschen

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